Highest Weekly Mileage + Dog Walkin’

Hey, hey! Good morning from me and my crazy hair and sweaty face.

Today’s picture brought to you by a sweaty 7.2 mile run yesterday morning. I have been trying to push my speed on the treadmill lately, and fortunately the treadmill makes it pretty darn easy to do that. I generally start off with a 10-15 minute warm up, then pick it up from there. Towards the last 2-3 miles of my run I am increasing my speed and doing a short cool down. So far it has been working for me and I find I am able to withstand the longer bouts of more intense exercise. That being said, I am looking to add more structured speed workouts into my routine. Things like tempo runs, sprint repeats, fartleks (Swedish for “speed play), etc. It’ll all be part of the routine soon enough!

With that, I am running a higher mileage week this week. My goal is 40, which is 64km. Crazy, right? It has been a while since I have been here, but it feels good to get my body used to the higher mileage. Of course, I’m keeping track of it all in my training journal & will share with you all how that is going! Perhaps I should do a bonus post on that. We shall see what the long weekend brings ; )

In other news, Nala and I had a pretty wild Monday night as you can tell.

Yep, 8:15pm and we were both passed out on the couch. Ryan snapped this while we were sleeping and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I love my little sidekick!

Last night before dinner we headed out for a W-A-L-K. Does anyone else spell out the word “walk” just so their dog doesn’t go all crazy when they hear it? Nala goes insane and the sound of her tail hitting either the furniture or the wall is SO LOUD. Tail of steel, I tell ya. I would be surprised if she had feeling in her tail still, haha.

The trail was fairly quiet and we only met a few other dogs along the way. I love that it is staying lighter out later, which makes dog walking so much better. Nala and I ran for a little bit, but I wasn’t quite prepared for running so we kept it brief. Short and sweet but she loved it! I look forward to bringing her on my runs – just gotta get the running on leash thing under control. She is a lot more energetic than I am, though on the other hand that makes it a bit easier for me to be pulled along the way ; )

Once we got home I finished up some laundry I had on the go & had a little friend visit me while I was downstairs:

And then we had dinner (Greek pasta salad with a few steak chunks – I gave Ryan most of mine since I was feeling more of the veggies!) and a glass of wine. A solid Tuesday, I would say!

Two more days until the long weekend. Oh, and I can drink coffee on Tuesday ; ) I must say though, I am liking my tea in the morning and I really just miss the taste of coffee. Tea gives me the same kind of energy as coffee does, so we will see how I feel on day one back to the java!

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