Race Plans + Impromptu Rest Days

Good morning from me and my delicious East Indian food from last night ; )

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we went to the mainland for a bridal shower. Well, Ryan’s grandma (on his dad’s side) was kind enough to send us home with SO MUCH food, and his aunt gave us a big bag of samosas, sooo. We pretty much have dinner planned all week.

I wanted to chat a tiny bit this morning about impromptu rest days. While I love running as much as I do, I also know when I need to give my body a break. You know when you are so exhausted that you feel like a zombie just going through the motions? That was me en route home on Sunday. Once my head hit the pillow (or rather, the head rest of the truck seat) I was done! My body was tired. After nearly 6 hours of traveling on Sunday, I was out like a light once we finally went to bed. I knew that my 5:15am wake up call was not going to happen. So, instead of forcing myself to get the miles in come Monday morning, I decided to savour that extra hour and fifteen minutes of sleep and let my body recover. Sure, it’s not according to my schedule, but it’s important to be gentle with yourself and give yourself that extra rest when you need it the most! Plus, it is just so warm and cozy in bed. I really hate parting so early!

So, I didn’t workout at all yesterday. Me and Ryan went on a 20 minute walk during my lunch break, but nothing to get my heart rate up by any means. We simply enjoyed chatting and wandering downtown in the SUNSHINE! It is such a nice change from the 27 days of rain we had in March, that’s for sure!

While I didn’t run or workout or really do anything physically active yesterday, I did sign up for a RACE this month!

That’ll be fun! I have done the Times Colonist 10K five times, I believe, and this year I signed up to run with Team Lululemon Victoria! That will be super fun. I joined on a whim yesterday morning once I saw the Lululemon Victoria store post about how they had a certain number of openings for their TC10K team. Naturally I jumped up and grabbed my credit card. Can’t pass up on that opportunity! Plus, as much as I enjoy running solo, it will be nice to meet some new running friends : )

Sunday, April 30th is the day. It is my first race since the Bazan Bay 5km race last month, and it will be a good way to kick off full marathon training! Technically my full marathon training doesn’t start until May, but I have to be strategic about my scheduling considering we have TWO weddings to attend in May and I don’t want to fall behind right from the get go. Of course, I won’t let myself, but you never know. Always gotta be prepared!

I hope you guys all had a great day! Enjoy your Tuesday & I’ll chat with ya tomorrow.

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