Riding the Struggle Bus


You guys, I have been struggling this week.

It all started on Saturday after my long run. I don’t know if I tweaked something in my foot during my run, my strength training, or around the house, but something felt off. Come Sunday morning, it was painful to put any weight on my left foot. If I had to describe the pain, I would describe it as pinching at the top of my foot where the tendons meet the ankle. So, naturally I started consulting Doctor Google and freaked myself out about this.

Yes, I did the whole icing thing on and off on Sunday. I took a hot Epsom salt bath and soaked my legs (did I mention my hamstring was sore too?) and that was okay for a little while, but then the pain in my foot was back again. While I typically run Monday to Thursday, I knew that running on Monday would not be a good idea. “Why push yourself and risk an injury?” Ryan said as we were driving home from the store Sunday evening. So wise, so wise.

Monday passed by and my foot was feeling good. I was walking normally, it didn’t hurt to stand up, but I still didn’t run. “Well crap! My whole weekly mileage plan is toast now. I’ll have to play catch up.” I thought. Or you could just rest, said the little voice in the back of my head. I’ve done a post before about the importance of rest, but a lot of the time it is easier said than done, especially for someone like me who is crazy about planning my schedule and, especially, my week of running. So I didn’t run at all on Monday. In fact, Ryan and I chilled out at home, ordered pizza, and watched TV. It was such a low key evening, and I think my body appreciated the time off my feet.

Now, Tuesday. Tuesday morning I had big intentions of waking up early to test out a run. I had a not so great sleep Monday night, so Tuesday’s morning run didn’t happen. I don’t typically take two days off in a row from running unless I have done a race, so it felt weird for me to sit back and wait for my foot to get it’s act together. No time to wait! I am running the Times Colonist 10km on Sunday, so it is important to me to be feeling strong – or at least okay Sunday.

That being said, after work on Tuesday I ran. It was slow, I took breaks when I felt I needed it, but it was a good run. This was a good confidence booster for sure. It made me feel as though I could jump right back into my early morning running routine first thing Wednesday morning. Ha ha ha. The animals in our house had other plans for that. Between Simba, our cat, banging at the door to let him out and Nala puking on the carpet in the early hours of the morning, I did fortunately manage to squeeze in a 4 mile run before the work day. It’s not the 6 I had on my training plan, but it’s safe to say that plan is out the window this week since it would be more damaging to play catch up and log a ton of miles, and then still expect to perform well at the race on Sunday.

So, there’s an update for you. I still have been running this week and they’ve been decent runs, but not great runs. No crazy speed workouts, no early morning long-ish runs. Just plugging along and playing it safe until Sunday! On that note, I am getting super excited for the race. The Lululemon Victoria team sent out a final email today with a race day schedule, so I am exciiiiiiited! to meet some new running pals during the race and experience something new! This solo runner is leaving the comfort zone. You bet I will report back! : )

I hope you guys enjoy your day today! If you are riding the struggle bus too, just know that it is only temporary & there are better things around the corner. See ya tomorrow!

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