Sports Bras & Spring Flowers

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy. To say I’m looking forward to the Easter long weekend is an understatement. I feel like my mind and body need the extra time off!

Saturday was spent running long, running errands, and running all over the house to get things cleaned up for our company on Saturday night. We had some good friends over & ordered East Indian takeout, then spent the evening drinking wine and visiting. It’s always a good time when we get together! That being said, I wanted to make sure all the laundry and house stuff was done beforehand, since I knew we wouldn’t have time to spend on Sunday around the house. We went to Delta for a bridal shower for Ryan’s cousin, so it was important to get it all done ASAP!

Saturday morning started off as they usually do: long run day. I increased my long run by one mile on Saturday, and covered 10 miles/16 km at a 9:27 per mile pace. During the run I felt strong, and I completed about 20 minutes of strength work after that included shoulder presses, tricep kick backs, rows, squats, deadlifts, and then side-steps using the resistance bands to help strengthen my hips <— this hurts the next day! For any runners who aren’t incorporating it into their routine, your hips will thank you!

So, it’s not very often that I pose for pictures in a sports bra. I mean, I’m no fitness model by any means, but I was feeling confident in my own skin Saturday morning and since my shirt was a disgustingly sweaty mess, I thought I would cool off. Besides, if you can’t walk around the house in your sports bra, then what is life!? Yep, so there’s me in all my sweaty glory in case you weren’t sick of the sweaty pictures yet.

Next on the agenda was getting my brows waxed – ya girl needed this BAD – and running errands in town. Of course, I had to stop at Winners to see if there were any goodies that caught my eye. I was a little underwhelmed by the clothes, so I made my way over to the skincare and found more sheet masks and under eye pads to add to the ol’ collection. You can never have enough skincare!

I am excited to try to black pearl mask. I have tried the “rejuvenating collagen mask” before (I purchased a box that was only that type), but the others are new to me. As far as the under eye pads go, you can’t go wrong with collagen. Maybe it’ll make my dark circles look a little less frightening ; ) I swear some days there’s not enough (non toxic) concealer in the world for those bad boys.

While at the grocery store picking up bananas, I saw some tulips that were calling my name. I love having fresh flowers in the house at all times, and I am more than willing to spare the $3 for a small bouquet to brighten up our space!

Currently diffusing rosemary & lemon. This combination is both energizing and helps me focus, especially if I am working on the blog. Essential oils are a great way to make your space smell lovely without having to light toxic candles (like those made out of paraffin wax), plus they are fun to experiment with, too! I don’t use any particular kind, mostly because I shop by price and try to look for 100% pure varieties, but there are tons of companies out there to choose from. Find what ya like, or mix and match!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend : ) There’s a bit of an update for ya. Back to scheduled programming tomorrow!

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