Tried & True Make Up Faves


For someone who doesn’t know a ton about make up, I have a few things I use almost on a daily basis when it comes to my make up routine. While I try to stay away from make up on the weekend and give my skin a break, depending on what our plans are I may be reaching for some of these to help put a simple make up look together.

When it comes to make up, I am a creature of habit. Although I try to step outside of my comfort zone every now and then, I always find myself going back to a handful of products. Plus, I am not patient enough to learn all kinds of techniques so the tried and true favourites do me just fine! If they get the job done and can disguise the evil bags under my eyes (for the most part) then I am a happy camper.

I received this Tarte palette as part of a larger holiday edition palette in 2015.

It has a bronzer, blush, highlighter (which I use as an eyeshadow sometimes) as well as a handful of eyeshadows to create different looks. It is easy to throw into a travel bag as it has (almost) everything you would need!

If you are in the market for a concealer that covers up dark circles, I would highly recommend this one. No, it’s not as clean as my Pacifica concealer (which I have run out of unfortunately), but it does the trick. Plus, a little goes a long way which means it will last you a long time!

I generally don’t wear “foundation” or all-over face make up very much, but on days where my skin is maybe a bit red or irritated, instead of slathering concealer alllll over my face, I will grab this tinted moisturizer. It has sheer coverage, but it is buildable so you can layer it without it looking too cakey.

I am a highlight LOVER. Seriously. Douse me in highlighter and I’m happy. I purchased this palette from Sephora almost two years ago now, and it is my go to highlighting kit.

As you can tell, the two outer shades are my favourite. The middle one is more of a matte highlight, but some days I will blend that with the lighter gold shade for a more subdued look. BUT who are we kidding. I want my highlight to blind people from across the street.

Are you seeing a trend here with the make up brand(s) that I like? Tarte is my favourite brand from Sephora, and as an added bonus it does not contain parabens, mineral oil, gluten, triclosan, phthalates,  OR sodium lauryl sulfate. Oh, and they don’t test on animals! Love that.

Part of my birthday gift this month was this blush from Tarte. Tarte blushes are super pigmented, meaning they have a lot of colour payoff, so they last a long time. This one is a nice deep rose colour.

You may be able to find this colour on the Tarte website or as a single blush from Sephora.

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