Under Armour Eclipse Sports Bra Review

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How’s it going? I’m back today with a sports bra review for you!

I am a sucker for new workout clothes. You guys are rolling your eyes and saying, “We know this, Holly.” Okay, I get it. Still! I want to share reviews with you guys on the blog in case you are on the hunt for a new sports bra or are curious about what I wear to get the miles in.

I picked up this Under Armour Eclipse bra from Sportchek about a week ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen my post about three new items of workout gear I bought: the running crops and sports bra I’m wearing in the picture above, and another Adidas bra (which I own in black already).

When I first started my running journey my sports bra game was not strong. Not strong whatsoever. I would wear my regular bra with a cheap “sports bra” over top. You know the ones I’m talking about. The racer backs that only keep you in place if you have beestings for boobs. Sorry if it’s too much information, but it had to be said. SO. After that experience (I ran my first 5km and 10km with that little set up) I headed out to Lululemon and bought my first big girl sports bra: the TaTa Tamer. While I loved this bra so much I own it in three colours, I needed to add a few more to my rotation since the Lululemon bras were getting old. Seriously old. For something that I run in five days a week, I need to keep things fresh and supportive. Enter my search for new sports bras.

This bra is high impact and PERFECT for running or high intensity interval training workouts. I first tried it during a 7 mile training run and was pleasantly surprised. It is higher cut in the front, which is something that I am not quite used to, and it is also lower cut in the back much like a regular bra – also something I am not used to. That being said, it holds you in perfectly, and the straps are adjustable. You can wear them the traditional over the shoulder way, or you can wear it criss-crossed. This is awesome so your bra can be hidden under your cute workout tops, OR you can be like me (insert hair flip here) and join the #SportsBraSquad and just wear it on its own.

One thing to note about this bra: the sizing is fantastic because it follows the standard bra cup/band sizing. None of that small, medium or large crap where you buy a medium and it turns out it’s a little too small and the girls are uncomfortable. The bra cups themselves are super soft and breathable, and the bra is made out of Under Armour’s StudioLux fabric. It is smooth under your workout clothes (no weird seam lines or bunching up if you have a tighter top), and there is ZERO chaffing. This is something I struggled with in my Lululemon TaTa Tamers because the band isn’t quite as thick as the Eclipse bra. Win, win, win!

Overall, I highly recommend this bra for anyone who is in search of the perfect high intensity bra that still offers great support. You can find the Under Armour Eclipse bra at Sportchek or on the Under Armour website.

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