An EXPENSIVE Weekend – Shopping Haul!

Good morning!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I like running and every so often I go shopping and share what I purchased with you all on the blog. That’s exactly what I’m doing today! It’s nothing too crazy, but there are a few things in particular I’m excited for.

Let’s start with Friday night: a shopping date with my sister. After work, I drove up to Nanaimo (where she works) and we wandered the mall for a few hours in search of CLOTHES. Disclaimer: I did not buy clothes. I bought running fuel and make up. That is far away from anything I could wear in the spring time or on my upcoming Vegas trip in June. That just means I’ll have to go shopping again ; )

Okay, so I didn’t exactly need more energy gels, but I like to keep a small stock at home because I use them every week on my long runs. These two from Clif taste like icing but not nearly as thick and sickly sweet.

I also love hydrating with Nuun, and hydrating in general. I’m constantly drinking water, and it’s important to balance your electrolytes while hydrating. I’ve tried the strawberry lemonade and fruit punch flavours in the past, so I’m looking forward to a few new flavours.

I tried the tropical flavour Saturday morning and it is SO good. I can see this being a good summertime cocktail with vodka. Is that weird? Do people hydrate and drink alcohol at the same time? Nevertheless, it would be a great combination.

Okay, so let’s get into my favourite type of make up product. Highlighter. I love me a good highlight.

Behold: the Tarteist Pro Glow highlighting palette!

I mean, that magnetic closure and matte black packaging with the gold. Okay, I’m into it.

JUST TO DIE FOR. It has four powder highlighting shades (the fire one? Come on) and two cream contour shades. I’m not really super into contouring, but maybe I’ll give it a shot now that I have this beautiful palette in my life. Or I won’t because I am too lazy and just want to highlight the crap out of my face. We’ll see.

The thing about me and highlighting is that I want people to be able to see my highlight from space. The highlight has gotta be on point, you know? The brighter the better. So when I saw this you bet I was all over it!

So, that was Friday. Then on Saturday we went to Victoria to pick up my race kit, and I did a tiny bit of shopping when I was at Lululemon : )

Don’t mind the bit of make up I got on the t-shirt. I have this same shirt in blue and I absolutely love it. It’s tempting to buy it in every colour because it is so breathable, light, and doesn’t bunch around your body. Perfect for long runs and racing! Now that the weather will be SUNNY from now on (fingers crossed) I thought I would put a tank top into the rotation as well. Why not, right? Sun’s out, guns out.

At the expo I got a 20% off coupon from the Running Room, so you bet I had to pick up a few goodies on race day. While it is technically spring, it doesn’t hurt to have a good rain-resistant jacket, so I found one that I love while I was perusing the store.

It is slightly fitted and feels comfortable everywhere it should be comfy. The arms feel good, and I am super happy about the thumb holes! Anyone else love thumb holes in sweaters or jackets? My hands tend to get cold while I’m running so this will be perfect.

There’s several reflective stripes on this jacket too which is definitely helpful for evening or morning runs.

Thumbs up for thumb holes. Thumbs down for the mess on my bedroom floor – and to think it was just spotless the other day! Maybe if I didn’t go shopping every single day this weekend it would be a bit tidier.

Oh, and I may have also picked up a pair of shoes at the Running Room…

They are the Asics GT 1000-5. It was between these and the Brooks Adrenaline, which I know a TON of people swear by, but I do enjoy Asics and look forward to incorporating these into my runs.

It’ll be nice to rotate my shoes during marathon training, that way my feet can adapt to similar shoes, and I can get more mileage out of both pairs. Since I will be running in my current Mizunos less often now that I have the new shoes, it will (hopefully) extend their life!

And that’s it! No more spending for me for a long time. My poor bank account is probably hating me, but hey, it’s pay day on Friday ; )

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