Insta-Story Fun + Patio Hangs

Good morning everyone!

What a beautiful weekend. I spent most of it on the deck and wouldn’t have it any other way!

This month, every weekend has been packed with family activities or a wedding to go to (and all the festivities that go along with that). While I love celebrating, I also need time by myself to recharge and do the things I love, like blogging, taking pictures, reading, blogging, working out, etc. Plus, chores around the house don’t stop (unfortunately) when you are away! This weekend I was so excited to have no plans. We literally did not have a single thing set in stone to do this weekend, and while some people may be upset about that, it made my soul feel SO HAPPY because I could literally do whatever I wanted.

Anyone else love doing weekends on their own terms? I’m all for having fun, but a girl’s gotta be a hermit sometimes, you know?

If you are not following me on Instagram yet, I highly suggest that you do so! You can do that by clicking this link and hitting the follow button. On the weekends I am super active on Insta-story, which is where these screen shots are from.

Saturday morning rolled around and I had set my alarm for 7am. This is pretty reasonable for me considering I tend to wake up at 5am on my morning running days. However, ever since we came back from wedding round two, my system has been SO thrown off and as you know from my previous posts this week, early morning running just didn’t happen. Such is life, right? Well, when my alarm went off on Saturday, it turns out I actually shut it off completely and fell asleep for another hour. Ryan woke me up to say “see you later!” as he was off to work, and I laid in bed a little longer with Nala. Sure, I had a 12km run on my training schedule, but I knew I could do that anytime on Saturday.

I took the morning slow, puttering around the house and made myself a small bowl of oatmeal as my pre-run meal. Normally I don’t eat a lot before I run, unless it’s a race day, but I woke up starving! Once the oats were made, I topped them with peanut butter and banana and took my oats and water out onto the deck. Last weekend I scrubbed down the whole deck and bought new patio cushions, and I have a feeling I will be spending the majority of my time out there this summer!

By the time I was finished breakfast, it was about 9:45am and already boiling hot outside. Yes, I could’ve headed outside for my run, but I knew that I would be miserable in the heat. So, I took my run to the treadmill where I had the fan going for almost all 7.46 miles.

Excuse the poor photo quality & darkness. I was in the shed running (where my treadmill set up is) and had the door open as Nala likes to come and go as she pleases. The best part about this treadmill set up is the fact that I can connect my phone to the TV and watch YouTube to help the time pass by. As you can see I was watching the latest “Rose with K&K” episode from the Tone It Up girls. If you are looking for some great workouts, I highly recommend checking them out!

The rest of Saturday was spent washing my car – which, OH MY GAWD I need to do this way more often because it was gross. Funny story. I actually went to a touchless car wash and the guy there was like, “Umm you are just wasting your money, because none of this dirt will come off.” Couple that with TREE SAP from LAST YEAR that has dried onto my vehicle and I was like. Okay, sir. I will save my money then. So, I came home, scrubbed my vehicle down (the sap is not gone but at least it looks black again & not grey), ran some errands in town, Nala got her nails clipped, and came back home to finally relax.

Part of Saturday was also spent blogging on the deck. And reading on the deck. And overall just being on deck all damn day because WHY NOT. It is pretty much summer time, after all.

Little Saturday recap for ya : ) Catch ya tomorrow!

I want to know: what’s your favourite PATIO DRINK? Let me know in the comments!

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