Marathon Training Day ONE!

Good morning!

Today is now day two of marathon training, but I wanted to recap the first day, which was yesterday. We had a busy weekend of wedding events (as you would already know if you read yesterday’s post), so yesterday was spent mostly hanging around the house, getting a few chores done, and prepping for the week ahead. Yesterday also marked the first day of marathon training!

I have been looking for a plan for a while now, and up until yesterday was just running based on my own little “plan,” which was actually no plan at all. I gradually increased my mileage, got some good long runs in, and basically built my base from January up until now. Fortunately they have training plans on the marathon’s website, so I looked to that when decided on which plan I wanted to use. It has two rest days, which I am already doing, and I am switching my rest days and long run days to accommodate my current schedule.

My rest days will continue to be Friday and Sundays, with my long run on Saturday. One thing that is different in this plan is that I am running four days per week instead of five. This will give me the opportunity to do more cross training, as I have definitely slipped on that front these last five months. Cross training gives your body the chance to have a bit of a break from running and work muscles that you may not necessarily use while running. Examples of cross training would be cycling or spinning, hiking, walking, swimming, strength training, yoga, etc. I am excited to add more cross training into my life as I know it is so beneficial for training, especially the strength training & yoga!

So I am starting at week 20, and my Tuesday runs will happen on Monday & then the schedule adjusted from there. While the plan says to do walk/run intervals, I typically train running ONLY, unless it is a super hilly course then I will take a walking break if needed, so 30 minutes running it was. This brought me to about 3.22 miles at 9:05 pace, which is my marathon pace. Or, so far it is. We will see how things progress.

One thing I have noticed is that with this training plan, my mileage will be lower than what I am currently running. Right now I average between 30-40 miles per week as my schedule allows. For example, last week I ran 30 miles amongst all the wedding activities. April was a big month for me in running as I hit 42 miles, but I know that I will not be running that much in the beginning of my marathon training. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see how the plan will go and how my body will respond to the combination of running and cross training.

Here we go! October 8th, I’m coming for you!

Have a great day everyone!

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