Running List of Running Goals

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share my running list of running goals. Clever, right? It’s something I started a few weeks ago, just jotting down things running-related that I want to accomplish. There’s no set in stone time frame for these goals, ergo why I call it a running list. I may add to it as I go, and hopefully check things off as I go, too!

The first thing on my list: run a FULL marathon. I have been hovering at the half marathon distance for a few years now, and I mentioned on the first podcast episode how I came about signing up for the full marathon. So, I am looking forward to that adventure – and the whole journey that training for a full marathon is – and then checking this goal off my list in October!

If you listen to my podcast, you will know that qualifying for the Boston marathon is up there on my list of goals. I feel like every runner has had that thought at least once before. “It would be awesome to qualify for Boston!” Not only do I want to qualify, but I obviously want to run Boston, despite how hard I have heard that it is. There is something special about that race, and I will be there one day!

I would also LOVE to do a RUNCATION and a DISNEY run! Going to a vacation destination to run a race would be so much fun. Why not combine two things that I love into one trip? Running and traveling can often go hand in hand. Now, technically traveling to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon (my dream run right now because it lands around my birthday in February ; )) would count as a runcation, but I wanted to keep the goals separate so then I get double the fun. Why not, right?

Of course, setting PERSONAL RECORDS is on the list too. Who doesn’t want to challenge themselves to get better? If you listened to my podcast last week you will know that my new 10km race goal is under 50 minutes. That would count as a PR for me, and it’s something I have my eye on for sure!

Leave a comment below with TWO of your GOALS : ) Any goal will do!

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