Running Long + Weekend Vibes

Good morning!

Welcome to Monday morning. What’s everyone up to this long weekend? For all my British Columbia people, anyway. I have a short work week (today and tomorrow!) as it is wedding week round TWO in our family. I’m looking forward to the festivities and to having Monday next week for recovery. Win, win!

So, let’s chat about the weekend. It was Mother’s Day weekend, which we will get to, but of course I had to kick of Saturday with a run. I set my alarm early in the morning thinking I would run at my normal week day time (which is typically between 5:15 and 5:30am – I know, barf), but then I found myself snoozing, snoozing, snoozing, and finally rolling out of bed at 8am. Such is life though, right? I figure I wasn’t far off from when I normally start my Saturday long runs (usually around 8:30am, depending on my plans for the day), but then I got distracted cleaning the bathroom, taking the garbage out, etc etc and finally started running around 9am.

I covered 12 miles – my longest weekend run in a longgg time – and then hit the trails with my girl Nala for a 2 mile cool down! She loved running, but was losing steam not even half way through. It’s funny because for the first kilometre she is all, “YAY RUNNING!” and then my arm is stretched out behind me trying to encourage her to keep up shortly after. Off leash she would probably run for longer, but we are not quite there yet. With time!

When I got back, I stretched, foam rolled, and cooked breakfast while listening to a podcast. For those who missed it, a new episode of the Healthy Living Holly podcast went up last week while my blog was down for maintenance!

I was starving by the time breakfast was finished, mostly because I got sidetracked by things like the dishes, vacuuming, playing with Nala… So I was eager to sit down to eat!

Blueberry oats with natural peanut butter (which has sunk into the bowl in that picture), one whole egg + about 3/4 cup egg whites with spinach & ketchup, and coffee of course!

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week ahead, which included recording another podcast, showering, laundry, and eventually leaving the house to pick up groceries for Mother’s Day!

We hosted Mother’s Day brunch at our house and had quite the spread. French toast, homemade hash browns, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and of course mimosas & coffee with Baileys. My mom is super cute and brought me flowers (the bouquet on the right) for hosting, and we spent hours chatting, laughing, and enjoying everyone’s company. In total we had about eight people at our house, and it was nice being able to entertain and celebrate our mamas!

This week is going to be jam packed, I can already feel it! It’s always hard making sure all the loose ends are tied up before going on holidays, and just when I thought I was done from last week, now I’m off again. I certainly don’t mind though : ) My to-do list is growing with little tasks to complete after the work day ends, and tomorrow will be spent packing and making sure we are organized. I am so thankful that my sister will be house sitting and looking after Nala (again) while we are gone! I would be lost without her, so Sarah if you are reading this, a big thank you to you!

And in between working, prepping for going away, I am also determined to fit some solid runs in this week as I want to continue with the consistency I have built these last few months. Marathon training starts so soon, and I would like to kick it off on a high note!

I hope you all enjoy the day & I will chat with you tomorrow! : )

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