Sunshine Runs + Back to the Trails

Good morning!

I am dragging myself after a busy weekend. We were at a wedding this weekend & had a bit of travel to get there. For anyone who regularly takes BC Ferries, how do you do it? Even the ferry ride exhausts me, let alone driving to and from! Nevertheless, it was a great weekend, but I will get more into that in another post as I want to recap what I’ve been up to pre-vacation days.

Now that it is staying lighter outside longer, I took advantage of the good weather Wednesday after work. No early morning runs for me last week. This girl was in bed early and sleeping IN. I think my body was simply tired from the race on Sunday, plus my muscles were sore and I haven’t been sleeping that well. Despite that, I knew I still had to get some runs in. Not so much for my own fitness but for my mental well being! So, after work on Wednesday I drove to our local sportsplex where they have a field hockey court (is that what it’s called? lol), a track, softball/baseball fields, lacrosse… And around the baseball field there is a rubberized sidewalk <— that’s the best description I have for you. Basically it goes around the field and you can run, walk, skip, etc.

The track was being used, so I started off on the rubberized sidewalk, ran 1 mile, then headed towards some side streets. I didn’t exactly have a goal in mind for this workout. I just knew I wanted to run for about an hour, whatever that looked like. While I couldn’t go in circles forever (that would drive me insane!) it was nice to switch it up on the road. Once I got going and saw my pace, I decided I would push myself and try to make it a goal marathon pace run.

One thing I love about where I live is that there’s so many residential areas as well as trails. I snapped the picture above after getting lost (typically Holly) and then turning down another trail. Eventually I found my way back to the track, did another mile on the rubberized sidewalk and VOILA! Run was done.

Oh, and it was all goal marathon paces. Yes! I’ll take it : )

Just casually “stretching” AKA taking selfies in front of my car. I did stretch too, but I had to document the workout, of course!

Wednesday was my last day of the work week, which meant I could get in a run Thursday a little later in the morning. Thursday was absolutely GORGEOUS outside, so when I woke up from the sunshine streaming into the window, I knew it would be a great run day. I wore the new Lululemon Nulux Fast and Free crops I received in my Times Colonist 10km bag from them, and I am impressed! They literally feel like you are wearing nothing. At one point on the trail I had to look down to make sure they were still there. I kid you not. I will have a review of them up on the blog soon, as I want to wear them a couple more times before I really decide if I’m in love with them or not. So far, they are great!

Thursday was tank top weather out on the trail, which is good because this ghostly girl needs some sun! It was fairly quiet on my way out (I ran 3.5 miles out, then turned around) but more people were out on the trail on my way back home. While running I saw four rabbits, a squirrel, and some cows, as the trail goes back through more rural areas. I love it! It smells so fresh outside and running on a beautiful day like this is like a moving meditation. Hey, even taking a walk in nature on a beautiful day can be meditative. I highly recommend it! Since my legs were still sore from yesterday’s run, I took it easy, but now looking back I probably should’ve slowed it down some more. I was only 10 seconds off per mile from my goal marathon time, which is GREAT – yay body, you are catching on to this running faster thing! – but for recovery sake taking it a bit slower would’ve been more preferred.

On the topic of recovery, though, I did get a massage on Thursday from my favourite registered massage therapist. She worked out my painfully sore legs (bless your soul, Nicole) and my upper back. Holy knots in my shoulders and neck! I typically do hold tension in my upper body, but this was on another level. I am happy to report that I am feeling much better post-massage! It’s crazy how different you feel after. I didn’t think my body felt too off pre-massage, but what a difference it makes. If you are an active person and want to ward off injuries, I highly suggest seeking out massage as one of the tools in your recovery arsenal!

I am off to refill my coffee & head off to work. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I will see ya tomorrow! : )

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