Times Colonist 10KM RACE RECAP!

Good morning friends!

How’s it going this morning? I am back on the blog today with a recap of the Times Colonist 10km run that I ran yesterday.

If you guys have been reading the blog for a couple weeks, anyway, you will know that I ran the race as part of the Lululemon Victoria team. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have high expectations as being part of their team. I mean, they certainly delivered with their race kit (hello, running capris!) but the actual race day organization itself – not from the Times Colonist race organizing team but as part of team Lululemon – was different than I thought.

My expectation: Yay! I get to meet lots of new running friends. This is going to be great! We will run as a group and they will have lots of pacers for everyone’s goals.

Reality: Three pacers. One for 45 minutes, the other for 55 minutes, and another for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I ended up running with the 55 minute group, though after zig zagging through the crowd and running paces that were a little all over the place, I decided to take it solo. No new running friends were made, but it was great!

Running as part of a team is certainly a great thought, and I’m happy that I had the experience. It just goes to show me that my own running style is much different than someone else’s. And that’s okay! All good. I guess my only complaint is that pacers should have a plan of action. The “under an hour, 50-59ish” was very vague and I feel like other people felt that it was confusing. What if you FOR SURE wanted 55? Unless you were wearing a running watch (which I know most people do OR they use a running app to track on their phone) then how would you know where you’re at? Maybe you are actually at 57, or 59. On the other hand, I do understand that being a pacer can put a lot of pressure on you. I was thinking about people who pace marathoners to a 3:30 marathon – which is a Boston qualifying time for most – imagine how they must feel?!

I started with the group and we seeded in between the 50-59 minute corral. Then the zig zagging began and I was looking at my running watch wondering how an 8:35 minute mile pace = a 55 minute finish time. It didn’t add up, but I told myself to keep going. Nevertheless, I followed the pacer and stuck with the group until one of the women in front of me said, “Do you think this is a bit fast?” Well, you said it, not me! That’s when I knew I was running my own race and flyin’ solo. It’s all good!

The Times Colonist 10km is a beautiful race. I think it has only rained once in the years that I have been doing it, and it was BRIGHT and SUNNY and WARM out there! Originally I was freezing my butt off waiting for the race to start. I almost made Ryan go back to the car to grab my long sleeve shirt, but then after we did a little group warm up and got running I knew that a t-shirt was a much better option.

I must say, it was windy, especially down on the water (as per usual). While the wind was cold, the weather as a whole was awesome, the crowd support was great, and I felt confident crossing that finish line – almost like there was more left in the tank! My big 10km goal isn’t too far out of reach – more on that on the PODCAST on Wednesday!

The finish area. Ryan and I brought Nala with us to the run, so I knew he would be in a grassy area waiting with her. So, I took a moment to snap some pictures and get in line for the refreshments tent!

Water, juice boxes, chocolate milk, probably five different flavours of cookies, oranges, bananas – lots to pick from! I grabbed a cookie and a chocolate milk for Ryan, then headed over to see him and Nala.

From our place on the lawn looking towards the finish area & food tents.

Like I said before, I felt super strong during this race & I’m looking forward to racing more 10kms. I know I am just about to start my full marathon cycle, but speed work here and there will do me good and help me reach that 10km goal!

Huge thank you to the organizers of the Times Colonist run and the Lululemon Victoria team for having me as part of their team. Stay tuned tomorrow to see my little running gear haul from the weekend! : )

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