Try This: Spring Upper Body Workout

Hey everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the week so far. We have been blessed with such amazing weather this past weekend/into this week, and it has been so nice to get outside and enjoy!

While most people workout inside (me included), I wanted to come up with a routine that you can do outside on your deck, in a park on the grass, wherever! It only requires a set of dumb bells, so no machines or crazy equipment is necessary.

With my current marathon training plan, I am cross training once per week. I did this workout as my first cross training day and paired it with 15 minutes more of ab work and then finished it off with stretching. It was a great way to get a sweat in and work muscles that usually don’t get used a whole lot while running!

You will repeat each set of two exercises back to back with no rest, then repeat three times. On the last set, you will complete a total of four sets of oblique bends – but only do the tricep kickbacks three times. Or, do four if you want more!

Let me know what other workouts you want to see on the blog! Happy Friday Eve : )

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