Weekend Recap – Wedding Edition!

Hey everyone!

How’s the long weekend going for you? Well, in Canada anyway.

This was another packed weekend of family events, because Ryan’s cousin Jasmine got married!

This was our second wedding of the month. Two down, two to go! There was something happening every day while we were on the mainland, so to say the weekend was packed with family festivities would be understatement. Always somewhere to go, always something to do.

Let’s go back to Thursday, where we had a party at Jasmine’s family’s home. Lots of good food, people, and fun East Indian traditions. I didn’t snap a ton of pictures, as you can probably tell, because I think it is important to give the bride & groom privacy and to post pictures on their own time, so you will just have to enjoy the selfies that Ryan and I took.

The top picture is from the wedding, which took place Friday morning. We got ready, then headed to the temple for the ceremony. Breakfast was served before the wedding ceremony, and lunch was served after, with lots of traditional activities in between. For most of Friday we spent it with family, taking pictures and visiting, and then went to a birthday party Friday night to celebrate Ryan’s sister in law’s birthday. It was a fun time and great to see lots of her family again, too!

We were out until about 11pm on Friday night, then slept in Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous outside all weekend, which I am so thankful for! Of course, I packed my running gear with me and squeezed in a quick 5km run along the farm land in Delta before the wedding reception events started. We had a while to get ready, so we did a tour of “downtown Ladner” (which didn’t take long at all!) and grabbed some coffees, then headed back to Ryan’s dad’s house where we were staying to have lunch with his grandma.

The reception was at a hall in Surrey and was a mix of “barn yard chic” decor with some sparkle. Jasmine had wooden barrels with a mixture of white and yellow roses as centerpieces, and cute white and yellow lanterns on the tables as well. The music was a mixture of Punjabi songs, main stream songs, and country! I had no idea she was a country fan, but I think she did a lovely job of adding her personality into the reception decor and music choices.

I was the driver on Saturday, so we stayed out until about 2am before I drove some of Ryan’s family home for the night – or early morning, I should say.

As soon as I woke up on Sunday morning, I was race ready to go home. As much as I enjoy going away, I have to say that I MISSED NALA SO MUCH it hurt. I packed my bags, Ryan’s bags, and even got his suits all packed away in their carrying bags, but we didn’t end up catching the ferry home until about 3:15pm. This gave us some extra time to visit with Ryan’s dad and grandma, and we even played the game of Life to help pass the time.

Soon enough, it was time to head to the ferry and start the journey home. I was one tired girl after all the celebrations, but it was certainly nice to see everyone again!

We arrived home at about 6pm yesterday evening and I immediately started on laundry. The last thing I wanted to do was spend my Monday off cleaning, so I got a head start. We even vacuumed, mopped the floors, and washed Nala’s blankets. It was a productive evening and felt nice to sleep in this morning as well.

Today officially kicks off DAY ONE of marathon training! I will chat about that in tomorrow’s post though. I’m off to get some more coffee and go buy some patio chair cushions. Yes, it’s a life of luxury I lead.

I hope you all had a great weekend! See ya tomorrow : )

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