Why I’m Drinking Chlorophyll + The Benefits

Hey everyone : )

How’s it going?

I wanted to pop in and share with you something that I have been doing over this last week. You may have guessed already from the title that I have been drinking CHLOROPHYLL!

Wait, what the heck is that?

In short, chlorophyll is the molecule that gives things like algae their green colour. It converts light energy into a more usable form for the plant and helps with photosynthesis (in which the plants can create their own food).

There are several forms of chlorophyll – many take it in a powder or tablet form, but I prefer a liquid form where I can take a few drops in my water. It is said that liquid chlorophyll can perform the same functions as hemoglobin in the body. Crazy, right!?

So, why am I taking it?

You guys know I like to try new health things. Or, as Ryan would say, “hippie dippy” things. BUT HEAR ME OUT! There are so many benefits to chlorophyll. Let’s get into it, shall we?

– Helps replenish red blood cells

– Loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins for our health

– Anti-inflammatory

– Encourages detoxification due to the high amount of oxygen in chlorophyll, which helps the body get rid of harmful or impure toxins

– Keeps your digestive system healthy by keeping bowel movements regular (it has to be said, okay?) and encouraging healthy gut flora (that GOOD bacteria we want!)

– Anti-aging due to all of those good antioxidants, vitamin K and magnesium

– Anti-microbial properties, which can also help with reducing body odour and bad breath

…and so much more! 

I don’t notice crazy differences when I drink chlorophyll, but I feel like it is helping my sleep and my tummy. I am prone to stomach aches (depending on what I eat), and chlorophyll has helped keep my tummy happy lately. Plus I’m just avoiding crappy foods, so there’s that, too. Always helpful LOL.

You can find chlorophyll  at your local health food store, and they even have liquid chlorophyll with a minty flavour! Otherwise it is pretty bland.

Of course, any blog post is not complete without a picture of my Nala girl!

Sunday morning I got up around 7:15am to get an early-ish start on the last day of the weekend. I rolled out my yoga mat to get in a quick 10 minute flow, just to get the body and blood moving, and Nala decided to claim the mat as her own. It’s funny because she always gets in my face when I am doing, say, downward dog (or any other yoga pose for that matter) but maybe she just wants to show me how it’s done.

I hope you all enjoy your day & I’ll catch ya tomorrow!

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