A Peek Inside My Pantry

Hey everyone!

I am doing something a bit different today. Since Ryan & I stocked up on pantry items at Costco on Sunday, I wanted to give you all a peek inside our pantry. Of course, there’s a mix of healthy and not so healthy. While I’d love to say we are healthy 100% of the time, there are some things that a certain man of the household just can’t live without. I gotta let him have SOMETHING, right?

We were in need of pretty much everything. Although our fridge was pretty much packed full of fresh veggies (we get farm veggies every Friday from our friends at Manna Farm), our pantry was certainly lacking in necessities.

A few of my staple pantry items: oats, local honey (which I picked up on Saturday), natural peanut butter, veggie soups, crackers (I am on a HUGE hummus and crackers, or veggies, kick right now), nuts & seeds, pasta, rice & grains.

Ryan’s pantry staples: nacho chips, mayonnaise (he’s a two sandwiches kinda guy!!), trail mix, and any other snacks he can sneak into the house ; )

So, at Costco we picked up…

Mayonnaise (blech, but Ryan had hearts in his eyes as he put this in the cart so whatevs)
Roasted almonds (I love taking these to work as a quick snack!)
A three pack of pasta (bow tie pasta, shells & a twisty kind. I’m so specific lol)
A four pack of marina sauce (two sweet basil, two onion garlic) *Unpictured
Chia seeds —> can’t live without these in my oatmeal *Unpictured
Plant based protein powder —-> will report back on how I like this! *Unpictured
Beet crackers —-> the best with super garlicky hummus!
Almond butter —> great for oatmeal, smoothies, dipping apple slices, etc. Look for only almonds!
Pack of 2 x natural peanut butter – only ingredient should be peanuts!

Refrigerated/Freezer Goodies:

Dr Brew Kombucha multi pack (6 bottles)
Salad greens
Salmon burgers
Veggie burgers x 2 boxes (one by Morning Star which is a new-to-us flavour & one by Yves)
Baja chopped salad mix

Other Goodies:

Toilet paper, paper towel, toothpaste, some glass food containers, aaaand a bag of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn because why not.

What are YOUR go-to Costco items!? Anything we should try?

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