Snackin’ & Runnin’ & BBQin’

Good morning, party people : )

Today I am sharing some of my Saturday adventures with you as usual. Mondays are generally a Saturday or weekend recap, so continue reading to see what I was up to!

Since Saturday is my long run day, I made the effort to wake up early and get my run on. My alarm was set for 6:45am, and I ate my bowl of pre-run Special K (which I topped with some of Ryan’s Cheerios – shhh) and then got my stuff together. I had 18 km on my plan for Saturday, and while I normally would’ve taken an energy gel or something with me to have on the run, I actually went fuel-less this time. Instead, I put some cherry lime Nuun in my water bottle (bonus: it has caffeine!) and got to work.

I covered just over 18km in about an hour and 44 minutes, then headed inside to quickly stretch & shower because I had a hair appointment!

Breakfast was two over easy eggs, sauteed spinach, Brussels sprouts and zucchini. I also made a smoothie with banana, maca powder, spinach, cashew milk & a plant based protein that I have been trying. I was extra hungry post-run, so the smoothie was slurped down in a hurry!

After my hair appointment was finished, I headed out to Winners to look for some summer clothes. I am actually heading to VEGAS on THURSDAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I desperately needed more breezy summer dresses. I found a cute red one aaaand that’s about it. Ah well. I also found a pair of sunglasses because I don’t want to take my fancy ones there just in case I lose them!

Once I got home I was hungry again (story of my life) so I put together a little snack plate.

Gone in 60 seconds ; ) Let’s rewind for a minute to Friday night when it was #nationaldonutday. Yep, there’s a day for everything! Ryan and I went out for dinner, then we went to Tim Horton’s to celebrate with some Timbits. Nala wanted in on the action but sadly she was denied the goods.

I did a bit of work in my journal as I had to rearrange a few workouts for this week. Since I am traveling on Thursday and will not feel like running in Vegas (it’s supposed to be between 38*-40* degrees while we are there!!), I want to make sure I get my long run in before I go. This means swapping out my cross training day on Wednesday, but relaxing all weekend!

Speaking of relaxing all weekend, Saturday night we went to our friend’s house for a BBQ! It was super fun to hang out on the deck, have some drinks and just enjoy the evening. While it’s not as hot as it has been lately, it was still a beautiful night and always made better with good company & delicious food! The s’mores were a nice addition, too ; )

I hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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