Canada Day 150!


Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Who else is excited to have the day off today? This girl is, and this girl needs it after a fun filled weekend!

I wanted to do a bit of a recap of what we got up to on Saturday for Canada’s 150th birthday. If you didn’t know already, I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Although I am intrigued by all the other amazing countries and places to visit around the world, Canada will forever be my home and I could not imagine living anywhere else. We truly are so lucky here!

I kicked off the Canada Day morning with a run. Saturdays are still my long run days with my new training plan, and it called for 12 miles.


I took it nice and easy at a 9:51/mile pace. My hamstrings and quads were still sore from Wednesday’s hill run and Thursday’s run, plus long runs are meant for distance and time on your feet, not necessarily for speed, SO taking it slow sounded like the best plan for me. I was extra patriotic and wore red during this run. No, not just my red face! After my run I stretched, foam rolled, and even tried the ol’ “legs up the wall” trick which is supposed to help with recovery. I am happy to report that come Sunday morning, my legs weren’t really sore at all. Maybe there is something magical about that trick!

Of course, Nala has been LOVING the summer weather. Any chance she gets, she wants to be outside. She will either play in the back yard, or find a shady spot and flop down for a little afternoon nap. We have also been going for early morning walks on the trail which I know she loves!



After doing some clean up around the house, we made our way to the farmer’s market for a few more veggies and to see what the local vendors had. I scored a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that is the new centerpiece on our dining room table. Having fresh flowers in the house makes me so happy! Plus, you can’t go wrong when they are five bucks. I mean, do you have two bouquets? If I could have flowers all around the house, I totally would. However, I think Ryan’s allergies would NOT be a fan of that.


After the farmer’s market, we made our way back home to get ready for a camp fire. My parents were camping at a local beach resort, so we decided to bring Nala down and visit for the evening. Of course, I left my phone on the charger and as we were driving towards the campsite I realized that  I did not have it. So, unfortunately I have no pictures of that, but trust me when I say it was a fun time! Nala loved playing with their dog Marley (although I’m not sure if that feeling is mutual, because Marley is about 4-5 years older than Nala), and we had BBQ chicken and s’mores – gotta have s’mores while you’re camping! We ended up staying for about 6 hours, so I was definitely tired when we got home. What’s that saying? “At the end of the day, your hands and feet should be dirty and eyes sparkling.” Yep, that was me! It was a fulfilling day and yeah, my feet were definitely dirty from kicking up dust!

Yesterday night we had a BBQ with friends and family – more on that tomorrow, but I hope you all had a great long weekend! Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians, and Happy 4th of July to all my American readers out there! See ya tomorrow : )

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