EXCITING NEWS! + Pasta Night is Good for the Soul



Exciting news.

No, no babies. Not even a new fur baby. No engagement. No wedding.

Nope, nadda.

None of that.

BUT! The exciting news I wanted to share with you today is that you can now find my podcast on iTUNES!!

Okay, I am probably more excited about this than you are, but it had to be shared. I mean, now I can go everywhere with you.

I will always be with you. *Cue creepy music*

Nah, not in a weird way. In a friendly hanging out kinda way. Bonus for you guys: my podcast episodes are short and sweet, which means you can binge-listen to them over, and over, and over… : )

Be sure to download & SUBSCRIBE to the podcast here so you don’t miss out on any future episodes!

Alright, so let’s recap yesterday a bit, shall we?

In true Holly fashion, I snoozed through my alarms several times and my scheduled six mile run did not happen in the morning. Boo. My legs were super sore from my long run on Saturday, and it was quite nice to catch up on sleep. That being said though, this meant running in the blazing heat after work.

6 miles. Slow. Easy, but it felt hard. It took SO long for my legs to finally get into it, and by that time I had twenty minutes left of the run. Meh. Such is life, right?



When I came inside, Ryan had a big pot of pasta going! He knows that carbs and wine are the way to this girl’s heart. Smart man, he is : ) He used a simple tomato sauce and added a bit of chili flakes for spice, garlic, and pepper for seasoning, then added KALE (I KNOW, that was my reaction too!), red onion, mushrooms, and veggie ground. It was the perfect meal after my run because by that point I was huuuungry. It’s like we have ESPN or something (cue Mean Girls reference).



Also, ignore the splatters in the bowl. I realized after uploading this picture that I should’ve at least made it look a bit more photogenic and wiped the sauce off the sides. Oh well. You guys know I’m not the Master Chef, right? If you didn’t, surprise. Sorry to disappoint ; )

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