New Floors, Who Dis? + Life Lately


Good morning!

How’s everyone doing this fine Thursday?

This week in running has been pretty darn good, I must say.

Let me rewind back to Monday, when I had my first athletic therapy appointment. Since then, I have been diligently clamming, monster walking, and side planking, and I don’t know if it’s all in my head but I feel my glute medius getting stronger already. Hey, I never said I wasn’t dramatic, okay? Seriously, though. Hip is feeling good, and I have been given the OK to continue running so long as it feels right. So, I’m going to go with it!


Mondays are now my long run days. It’s kind of weird kicking off the week with a long run. Typically I would run maybe 10km or less on a Monday, but not now! Now we are ramping things up as my schedule has changed, and my long runs are at 22.5km now, or 14 miles. Next week is 16! This marathon training cycle seems to be flying by, and right now the priority is to continue with the program I’m on while incorporating more strength training and the hip exercises given to me by my athletic therapist.

Speaking of long runs, on Monday I tried a new (to me) flavor of Gu gels: salted watermelon. Okay, call me BASIC but I love watermelon. Watermelon Nuun is amazing, and so I had pretty high hopes for this Gu gel. I’m no gel connoisseur by any means, but generally I go for the Honey Stinger brand, in particular the smoothie flavour. That being said, I was a little underwhelmed, and it pains me to say that! It was a bit more on the salty side than watermelon, but it was still good.  After all, it’s fun to branch out every once and a while, and although I won’t be converting to salted watermelon Gu gels anytime, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again down the road.




Switching gears now: let’s talk about that home project we have on the go. I’m happy to report that one of three bedrooms is finished!

I can’t take all the credit though. It’s funny because in my post on Monday I joked about how “of course the one time Ryan reads my blog…” in regards to my sneaky banana bread chia seed moment, and HE ACTUALLY READ THE POST THAT DAY! We were in Victoria getting him fitted for a suit vest when he mentioned reading my blog post. I just started laughing. What are the chances. Anyway, Ryan basically did everything himself. BUT! Here’s the big but. The booty. I did help with at least four planks of laminate, but let me tell you. Here’s the difference between me and Ryan. Ryan is very careful about EVERYTHING. I am too, but it depends on the task at hand. Obviously I’m not going to be laying the floor down all willy nilly with corners poking up and things not in the right places, but I am slowwwww. Ryan has it all down to a science, and I’m pretty sure he was getting annoyed watching me go at a snail’s pace lining everything up and making sure it was PERFECTLY in place (to the point where it was like. Okay Holly, that’s right. Get on with it). *Shrug* I made my contribution, anyway! The last step in this room is to purchase new baseboards and decorate more, of course!



Other than that, life has been pretty much the same ol’ same ol’ around here. I woke up on Monday with a bit of a scratchy throat, and it has progressed into a full blown summer cold. Not to worry, though. I am feeling human at least and I will survive. Lots of fluids, early to bed, and sweating it out! One thing I am trying to do social media wise is using Instagram stories more often, so be sure to follow me if you aren’t already! It’s fun, personal, and a different way to reach out to people other than the blog! This weekend we have a big family BBQ to go to which will be super fun. Last year Ryan’s uncle walked into a screen door, soooo… LOL. Safe to say there was alcohol involved ; ) Other than that, we will be tackling the other bedrooms and continuing on with our reno project. Yes, I’ll be contributing at a glacial pace (a la Devil Wears Prada), but eventually it’ll get done!

I hope you all have a great day! Catch ya in a new post tomorrow : )

P.S. There WILL be a new podcast episode up next week! I didn’t exactly have the energy to record for this week – nasally voice and all – so stay tuned for a fun episode coming up!


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