What’s In My Fridge – BBQ Edition!

Good morning everyone!

Today I am going to give you a peek inside my fridge. Much like my peek inside my pantry post, I will be showing you what’s in my fridge, in particular, what’s left in my fridge from the BBQ we hosted over the Canada Day long weekend.

Let’s jump in, shall we!?

Top Row:

Cherries, grapes, cantaloupe, San Pellegrino (for those who did not want to drink), leftover turkey burgers (in a container), kombucha, French vanilla creamer (which we have had in the fridge since Mother’s Day… To be honest it needs to be thrown out because we never use it but #lazy), jars with salad dressing, Greek yogurt

Snack Drawer:

Veggie pepperoni, cheese, red onion, some chopped up tomato slices, hummus, pea sprouts

Middle Row:
Okay this is where it gets crazy lol
Two dozen eggs, two cupcakes that were leftover, salsa, hollyhock dressing in a jar, chia seeds, two containers of feta cheese (because someone thought we were out of feta), strawberries, spinach dip, a bowl of broccoli pasta salad, watermelon, and I think we had almond milk back there too.

Bottom Row:

Farm fresh turkey! Ryan used the meat grinder attachment on our Kitchen Aid mixer & now we have ground turkey in the freezer. Beer, Rocky Creek Rose, Oyster Bay white wine, a container with lettuce and burger toppings, bottom container with mushrooms.

Veggie drawer:

Garlic scapes, orange peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes, beets, carrots

And the space where another veggie drawer should be (LOL):

Box of mixed salad greens, a ginormous bag of spinach that literally looks like a pillow

Alright, folks! That’s everything. We also have a big cooler full of beer leftover (still, I know), but beer isn’t my jam so Ryan will have to drink that. Woe is him, hey? I would love to do a grocery haul video for you guys one of these days, so stay tuned!

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