Boating Adventures + Seafood Feast

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday. Boy, am I late on posting this or what?

What can I say? It’s been a fun day. A busy day. A MONDAY! Monday Fun Day, am I right? It has been a mix of fun and relaxing, which I think all good days off are made of. That being said, I want to rewind to yesterday, because THAT was a great day that was equal parts chill and fun.

What did we do? BOATING with my mom and dad! It was actually me & Ryan’s first boat ride of the season. While my parents go out prawning and crabbing pretty much every weekend (or close to that, anyway), for whatever reason it took us most of the summer to get out there. I always forget how much I love boating, and then once I’m out there on the water it feels like I’m home again. For all you other Pisces’ out there, you know what I’m talking about!

My dad and Ryan set the prawn traps out and the crab trap. Then we spent time cruising the open seas, listening to music, chatting, and EATING! We had everything from pepperoni sticks and cheese to chips, crackers & antipasto, fruit, and carrot chips. It was a fun time out on the water with family, and we even scored some dinner for last night! Woohoo. Can’t beat fresh seafood!


We were out on the water for almost six hours, and despite it being smoggy and smokey out from all of the wildfires happening on the mainland, I still came back with a bit of a sunburn on my legs. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen. Story of my life!

When we got home, we cooked up our share of prawns and crabs and got to making dinner. Since we were pretty much snacking all day, I figured a simple salad plus the seafood would be a good dinner. It definitely hit the spot, and we were FULL by the time the meal was over – with leftovers, too!


I roughly chopped romaine lettuce, then added cucumber, carrots, yellow pepper, green onions, cherry tomatoes & some cilantro for extra flavour. Then I tossed it all with a honey mustard dressing and voila! Salad is served.



My personal favourite: prawns! I love prawns, especially dipped in butter with tons of garlic. So healthy, right? The seafood was sooo good, so fresh, and just all around delicious. Below is a shot of our dinner spread:


Overall it was a wonderful way to spend my rest day. Tomorrow I’ll recap my long run from today, as I ran 18 miles!!! Holy crapola. Oh, and I’m officially half way through marathon training. How the heck did that happen!?

I hope you guys had a wonderful day & I’ll catch ya tomorrow!