Wedding Week Round ONE!


Good morning!

Well, I suppose it is kind of like early afternoon since it is almost noon.

Wedding week is officially here, and we kicked off Tuesday with the mendhi party! For AKA: Henna party. Stefanie had two henna ladies at the party, and wow. They do some amazing work! There were tons of people at the party, so we made a list and everyone got their turn getting their henna done. It was my mom & sister’s first time at this type of event, so it was fun to see them get their henna and how it all turned out. Stefanie (the bride) had the most amazing henna. It is so detailed and intricate, and on both hands, feet, inside of her hands, top of the hands, and up just past her elbows. I will see if I can get a picture, otherwise you can browse the hashtag #StefWedsBhopes on Instagram to see all the wedding madness!

We were out until about midnight, so when I got home I CRASHED hard. I am an eight hours of sleep kinda gal, seven at the minimum, so I allowed myself to sleep in until 8:30am yesterday. I had a seven mile run on my training plan, but I switched my run from Friday to today, to allow myself a bit more time in the morning to get ready. That is wedding day, after all! Training plans are great, but most of all, you have to be flexible sometimes. Sure, I could make it work, but it’s more important for me to have extra time with family than feeling rushed to get my training in. I know the training runs will happen, so it’s all about going with the flow and allowing myself some flexibility!

With that said, I completed 8 miles yesterday morning, plus about 25 minutes of upper body work with resistance bands, and foam rolling and stretching. I had to snap a post-run selfie and sneak one of my henna’d hands in there ; )



All in all it was a pretty good run. I hit the treadmill again as it is still smokey in our area. I mean, I could suck it up, because I see people out there running in the smoke, but it just feels like a thick blanket of smog when you step outside. It’s like you are in a bubble, if that makes any sense? I would rather play it extra safe and get my workout in where I know I won’t be breathing in smoke. Plus, the fan makes it nice. I took more breaks than I wanted to during this run. Overall, my body was still tired from Monday’s 18 miler, and staying up late and indulging (podcast to come on this next week!) just made for a body that was like. Hello, where are the veggies? Although I felt tired going into this run, I felt 100% better after it was finished. Isn’t that how it always works!?



After showering and getting cleaned up, I poured some coffee (bless you, Ryan, for having coffee made for me!), made my smoothie and painted my toenails. Today there is a break in the festivities, but I also volunteer at 10:30am until around lunch time, so it will still be a fairly busy day. Oh, and we should probably start packing up all of our stuff to take over to the reception on Saturday! It’s easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done, but I am taking it as it comes and tell myself to just go with it. No sense in worrying, because it will all work out in the end!

Tomorrow I have a special post featuring one of my favourite wellness & lifestyle bloggers. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to read our conversation about marathon training, food, and more! Have a great day everyone : )