Just a Really Great Week in Running


Good morning, party people.

It’s FrIIIIIIIday! Imagine me singing that in an opera voice. Scary, I know.

How’s your week going? Good, crazy, happy, busy?

Mine has been a little bit of everything, but to be honest, it has actually been a great week. I wanted to take the time to catch up this morning and fill you guys in on what we’ve been up to!

As you know we have been renovating the bedrooms in our house. And by WE I mean Ryan because, let’s face it. The man is good at these home projects and whenever I try to help he ends up taking over. BUT! This is okay with me, because it allows me to do other (more fun) things like blogging, taking pictures, hanging outside, and playing with the dog. Oh, and I’m usually on clean up duty so I’m loading all the old crap into the truck. SO! That has been going on during our weekends, as well as my long runs on Monday (which have been going really well!) and getting ready for Ryan’s cousin’s wedding next Friday. Technically it all starts on Tuesday, so I am trying to get as organized as possible so then we will have a smooth week!

Of course, I have to talk about running this week. You’re not surprised, I know. I’m going to break it down day by day here for you and kind of explain what I’ve been doing.

Monday: Long run – 16 miles with 6 miles up tempo (which means a bit faster). This was the day I did an ice bath as well post-run.

Tuesday: REST DAY! I love rest days. I didn’t do anything strenuous on Tuesday, though fortunately my office at work is upstairs so I still got some form of exercising in.

Wednesday: Easy 4 miles. This really was easy. I woke up extra early thinking it was my speed workout day, but nope! Looked at the plan and it was half the distance. So, with my extra time I took Nala for a 20 minute walk on the trail, did some of my athletic therapy exercises and got in a 20 minute upper body strength training workout. It was an awesome workout day!

Thursday: 10 x 400 metres. So, this was my speed workout day. It was hard. I pushed myself during this workout and felt so accomplished at the end. And sore, ha! I warmed up with 2 miles, then did the 10 x 400’s in the 8:06 – 7:54/mile range. The first half were closer to 8 and the last half sub-8. Finished with a 2 mile cool down and some stretching – not as much as I should’ve, because I woke up sore today!

And that brings me to FRIDAY! 7 miles, easy easy easy. I took this nice and slow to allow my legs to flush out any lactic acid leftover from the week, then spent time foam rolling and stretching my hips after.

I’ve got one more run tomorrow (an easy 4 miler) and then rest day on Sunday! I’m looking forward to another great week of training next week. Actually, next week I will officially be HALFWAY THROUGH marathon training. What!! This is insane to think that in EIGHT WEEKS I will be running my first marathon! Aaah!



I have still been on a huge smoothie kick this summer. There’s something about a cool smoothie after a hard run that just feels right, you know? Plus the thought of a hot bowl of oatmeal when it’s already hot outside is not my cup of tea. I’ve thought about doing overnight oats since those are a cooler option, so we will see if I add those in! For now, I’ve been switching up my smoothie flavours – alternating peanut butter and almond butter, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and more tropical fruits, and of course lots of chia seeds for fibre and SPINACH! If you haven’t put spinach in your smoothies, I’m afraid you are missing out. It adds a punch of nutrients, vitamins and GREENS without altering the flavour of your smoothie. Trust me on this one. You will love it!

Well, I think that is about all I have to catch you up on this morning. I am off to get ready for work, and I will catch ya on Monday : )

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