My Longest Run EVER + Benefits of an Ice Bath

Good morning, lovely humans of the Internet!

How was your weekend? I know, technically it is Tuesday and the weekend is over, but yesterday was Sunday for me, so I’m about a day behind.

So, exciting things happened yesterday! I ran my longest run EVER. 16 miles, or 25.75km. I am still breaking in my new runners, so I did this on the treadmill and watched YouTube. I know some people hate on the treadmill, but it truly is a saviour in the heat wave we seem to be having. I was nervous going into this run for two reasons. A) It was my longest run ever to date and B) what if my feet start aching again. After my run on Thursday last week the arches of my feet hurt bad. Of course, my first thought was “OMG SOMETHING IS WRONG!” but Google scared me, so I didn’t want to start searching for possible causes. I called The Running Room and explained this, and she said it’s proobbbably because the shoes aren’t broken in. Heh. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. So, I ran in them yesterday and I’m happy to report no foot pain at all. I took the run slow and easy, mostly so I could sustain myself for the whole distance. However, I did pick it up in the last 10km, going a bit faster with each mile. Nothing too crazy and nothing to shout to the world (only to my blog ; ) lol) but I felt so accomplished when I finished!

After stretching, foam rolling & doing some of my athletic therapy exercises, I took an ice bath! I will talk about that in a minute, as I wanted to touch on my second athletic therapy appointment yesterday afternoon. You guys know that I went to Startline last week and had a great meeting with my AT, Ashley. Well, everything is puttering along as it should, and my hip/glutes are getting stronger. She said she noticed a huge difference in my alignment since last week, so that was happy to know! We went through some of the same exercises as last week testing my range of motion in my legs, and she gave me a few more strength exercises to add into my routine. Woohoo for progress!

After my appointment, I fueled up the Jeep with gas and (finally) got a car wash. I have been meaning to do it for a while, and all last week I was saying, “Yep, right after work I will wash my car. Okay, tomorrow after work I will wash my car. So, maybe after this I will take it through the car wash.” Well, that moment finally came – you’d know if you watched my latest Instagram story ; ) Hinty hint hint.

Anyway, rewinding back to the ICE BATH from yesterday! Of course, I snapped a selfie while sitting there in the freezing cold water.


I was submerged a little bit past my hips, and yes, I was wearing clothes! I was reading online and those in the running community advise wearing a tight pair of shorts and a long sleeve top. Others even wear full on hoodies and jackets, but I found a tighter thermal and was good to go. I had my water, my coffee, and Ryan popped in and topped me up with more hot coffee part way through the ice bath. Of course, it was COLD and I was shivering at first when I jumped in. However, your body regulates its temperature pretty quickly, so it wasn’t that bad.

So, why the ice bath? Here’s a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation in the body
  • Flushes waste products from our muscles, like lactic acid
  • Boosts muscle recovery after hard workouts thanks to increased circulation
  • Soothes the sympathetic nervous system by bringing blood flow to our core and brain

I also wore my compression socks after I was out of the tub to help increase blood flow to my legs. They weren’t feeling too bad this morning, but the day isn’t over, so we shall see how they feel on tomorrow’s run!

I hope you all have a fantastic day! I will catch ya later : )

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