When Running Became Fun

Hey everyone!

I touched on this in yesterday’s post, but last week I had some great runs. I felt good. I felt strong. I felt on top of the world. Saturday morning’s run was no different, and I wanted to share what changed in the latter part of the week for me.

Near the beginning of the week, my runs were OK. They weren’t wonderful, and they weren’t anything to shout to the top of the world about. I had a good long run, Wednesday’s 6 miles was not so great (split between my lunch and afternoon), and Thursday’s speed workout didn’t go as planned, despite me making it work anyway. However, I mentally made that shift on Thursday to make running FUN again. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers of running, but in order to truly enjoy it, you have to consciously make the effort to at least *TRY* to like it, you know? Perspective is everything!

In other news, I came home to some blooms on Saturday after work:



And we had a busy weekend! I have been volunteering, so from 10-2 on Sunday I volunteered, then spent the day catching up on household chores like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. All that fun stuff. I even made coffee at 4pm to help wake myself up! As soon as I came back from volunteering, Ryan made us a late brunch of eggs benedict (soo good), and I crashed on the couch after. The busy morning coupled with a full belly and a warm house made this girl TIRED!

I also planned out this week in training. While I am following a training plan, I wanted to write it into my journal to help me stay accountable. That way I don’t have to go fumbling online for my training plan and can just open up my journal to see what the workout is. Convenience is key!


I have a bit of catching up to do for documenting yesterday’s long run, but you get the picture. Journaling is a great way to keep yourself accountable and on track. I know when I was first starting my weight loss journey I would keep track of my workouts and food in a journal. Physically writing it down and putting pen to paper really solidified those choices! Plus, there was less temptation to grab an extra cookie when I didn’t really want one.

This week we don’t have any plans, really. I mean, it’s my dad’s birthday on Saturday and I’m working on a special little project for him, but that is about it! It feels like we have been busy every week for the last few months. I know I say that a lot, but it’s true! When I flipped the calendar to August at the end of July, all we had on the table was our cousin’s wedding week. Well, with volunteering, family things, errands, marathon training, house renovations AND both of us working full time…. Aye! It has been busy. That being said, I am super happy and can’t wait for what September has in store!

I am going to stop my rambles here and get ready for the day. Happy Tuesday everyone! Catch ya in a new episode of the podcast tomorrow ; )

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