Marathon Taper Thoughts


Hey everyone!

How’s it going? What have you been up to?

I am currently tapering for the Victoria Marathon that is only NINE days away. Okay, that is mind blowing. I remember counting down to the marathon when it was 40-something days away, and that felt like plenty of time. Now it is coming up full speed ahead, whether I am ready or not! I was thinking about this yesterday evening that if you want to reach a goal, it’s important not to think about the time that it will take to achieve that goal. Why? The time will pass whether you are working towards that goal or not. When I first registered for the marathon Christmas time of 2016, it felt like October 8th was lightyears away. However, the time between then and now has gone by in a flash and before I know it, I will be toeing the start line and crossing the finish line!


Training has been going well over on this end. I have been sleeping well, eating well (for the most part!) and being mindful of the upcoming race and getting my mind in shape, too. Positive thinking, visualization (that final moment when I cross the finish line & how damn excited I will be!), and positive mantras and affirmations are becoming part of my training routine as well. I have been recovering just as hard as I train, and I can’t wait for everything to come together on race day.



Since I am tapering (my mileage is decreasing leading up to the marathon), I am taking ALL the recovery measures possible. This includes sleeping in when I can, continuing to do my athletic therapy exercises three times per week, fuelling my body with healthy foods, Epsom salt baths, icing, and lots of foam rolling and stretching. To be honest, it’s kind of nice to have shorter workouts because it allows me to get more of this recovery business done. I mean, I did as much as I could before, but now that my workouts aren’t as long or as intense, it makes things a bit easier. Plus, Nala likes having me around more often to take her for post-run walks (my runs are still a bit long for her to join me), as seen in the first picture. I’ve also had more time for things like Netflix, where I’ve started (FINALLY) watching the Gilmore Girls. It’s the little things, guys.



My Believe journal has lots of tidbits inside about mental strength as well as different run workouts. You can guess which one I am focusing on right now. I know I have put in the work, so now it’s all about maintaining a positive attitude and trying not to FREAK the F OUT during tapering! Oh, is that a sore muscle? Does my foot feel funny? I swear all of these mystery things suddenly pop up during taper time – the exact time that you DON’T want your foot to feel funny or your muscles to be super sore. I’m sure it’s all psychological anyway, but I mean, it can be quite the distraction and worry. However, I just keep my blinders on and try not to worry. If you know me in person, you know that I worry ENOUGH about things and while I do worry about the marathon a little bit, ultimately I am over the moon with excitement waiting for next Sunday to arrive!

Plus, it’s also on Thanksgiving Sunday which means I will have my mom’s stuffing waiting for me for dinner. Yep, perfection!

I hope you guys are all doing well, and I will chat with you again soon! : )