Running Lately + Changes to the Blog Schedule

Hey everyone!

It has been a little while, hey?

I think today’s title is fitting because I wanted to do a recap on my training lately because it has been going really well, but I also wanted to touch on my sparse blogging. As I alluded to in my last post, I will not be posting every day anymore for the sake of wanting to bring you all content that is truly meaningful to me and not just posting for the sake of posting. That being said, I am taking some well needed downtime for the next couple weeks to figure things out in my personal life (disclosure: I’m fine, Ryan is fine, Nala and Simba are fine, and nothing dramatically life changing has happened), as advised by my doctor. I will explain more later as I get more clarity, but if you are a friend or a family member that is reading this, you know what is happening : )

So, I will stop being so vague eventually and hop into the good things that have been happening! I have been making a huge change to my routine this last week-ish and it has been great. I especially like getting cute Snaps like this from Ryan because there is nothing cuter than Nala. Nothing.


We have been having a mix of hot weather and fall crispness which has made morning runs so much more enjoyable. Plus, I haven’t been doing them at the buttcrack of dawn which is even better! I don’t know if it’s been my pre-run coffee (which I almost never do) or the fresh morning air, but running has just been perfect this week.



This picture was snapped after Friday’s run. I needed that run. Running has been such a RELEASE lately. I had negative splits during this run of 10:02, 9:20m 9:11, 8:42, 8:35, and 8:30. I felt amazing, and yesterday’s run was equally fantastic.

Again, I had coffee pre-run, and ended my run on the trail near our house. I am so grateful to live near this trail! It sees (almost) all of my good runs, bad runs, mediocre runs, fun runs – you name it. Plus there is something about nature and running that just feels so right. I’m not sure if I’m even explaining that properly, but trust me. It is the best.



Although Saturday’s run was a bit slower than Friday, the miles went by in a flash and I felt fantastic when it was finished.



Running is like a moving meditation and can be so therapeutic. I know I have said that before on the podcast (which is coming back soon – just trying to get everything figured out still!), but you can go for a run with a million thoughts and questions in your head, and then as soon as your run is finished you suddenly have all the answers. I highly recommend trying it! It’s cheaper than therapy ; ) Ha! But of course therapy is always an option should you feel you need it. Just thought I would put that disclaimer out there before people jumped all over it.



I’ve also been enjoying breakfast out on the deck when the weather allows! Today is a pretty rainy day so I made a speed run to Costco for staple items and The Running Room where I purchased a new pair of my marathon shoes to break in before the marathon in 21 days (OH MY GAWD!), then spent the rest of the day baking an oatmeal banana loaf and lots of couch time with the dog. Sundays should be spent either a) running some kind of race or b) recharging for the week ahead, don’tcha think?


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am off to grab a slice of banana loaf, maybe have an Epsom salt bath and relax. Don’t worry, friends. I will be back on the blog sooner rather than later : )

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