The LONGEST Run + Long Weekend Vibes, Pt 1


Hi everyone!

How’s it going today? I hope you all enjoyed your Labour Day weekend whether you are in Canada or in the USA.

I took the long weekend to RELAX and just soak in time with family. We went to a wedding on Saturday which was beautiful, followed by breakfast at their house on Sunday morning. However, Sunday was sad too because we spent the majority of the afternoon at a beach side memorial for my (unofficial) aunt Nancy.  It was a beautiful day with lots of family spent celebrating her life. Plus, it was nice to be by the beach and once the crowds started to clear and things started to get packed up, we wandered down towards the ocean and I snapped some pictures.

Bonus: the view of Mt Baker from the beach we were at. And look at that snow! Crazy talk. Maybe snow means cooler weather, and THAT I can get behind. I’m sick of it being a balmy 86 degrees in my house. Puke.



We stopped by a farmer’s market en route home from Victoria and picked up some corn (well, my dad did) and our favourite cookies, and then had an easy Sunday night in. Ryan and I also ordered dinner to pick up from Original Joes and spent the evening watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Well, he watched the whole thing. I went to bed at 8:55pm (if we are being specific lol) because I had my LONGEST run of my training plan yesterday.

Twenty. Miles.



Yikes! I was nervous for this one. I thought about splitting it up between outside and the treadmill, but then I gave myself a reality check. I can’t do that on race day. I need to experience the challenge in full force, not spend time setting things up in the shed for a treadmill run and giving myself a break. Nope, gotta get out there and do it!

I spent about 10km running near my house while it was starting to get bright outside. I started this run just before 6am, and of course it is DARK out at that time now compared to the beginning of summer when it was bright at 5:15am. Then, once it was lighter outside I hit the trail. We live near the Trans Canada Trail & so that’s my go to trail to run on, just not in the dark. There’s something a bit unsettling about running in the dark on the trail alone. Even if I had a running buddy or Nala with me I would still feel uneasy. Nevertheless, it was nice and bright when I was on the trail and I ran out towards Lake Cowichan. For those who live in my area you’ll know that’s a bit far from where I am. Like… Far, LOL. BUT! The sights were amazing and nothing beats the smell of NATURE on the trail. Nature is neat! ; )



I mean, can you beat these views? I LOVE where I live. Vancouver Island is freakin’ rad and I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else. Mountains and oceans and rivers and lakes. I love it all!



It was a stunning morning, and I am so proud of myself for this run. Public service announcement: There is NOTHING wrong with saying you are proud of yourself. Honk your own horn & sing your praises if you did something brave, cool, awesome, weird, whatever. I’m not proud because this run was fast, because it wasn’t. It was slow and an “easy” pace, but it was the DISTANCE that made me feel proud. 20 miles (32km) is a big deal! Not going to lie, I felt like bursting in happy tears after this run. This was the longest run of my training plan, and I am 33 days away from the marathon. This has been such a journey, but it’s not over yet!

Post-run I did some stretching, legs up the wall, laying there on the floor. You know, the important things. I also took an ice bath and drank coffee in the tub while my legs were submerged in the freezing water. Then, I warmed up with a shower, got dressed, and flopped on the couch with a magazine and more coffee.



We also went out for breakfast to a place called The Old Fork in town. They make a mean breakfast, and I devoured the whole plate. I ordered an omelette called “a boy named Sue” that had roasted red peppers, asparagus, turkey and Parmesan cheese, and I added avocado for some healthy fat. I subbed my toast for fruit salad, but still took the hashbrowns on the side becauseeeee hashbrowns, of course! The rest of the day after that was pretty relaxed, mostly because my legs were exhausted and getting up and down the stairs right now is proving to be a painful challenge, ha ha! I took a bit of a nap too, so there’s that ; )

I hope you guys enjoyed part one of the long weekend & long run recap! More to come tomorrow in lieu of a podcast episode.

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