Essential Oils + Easy Lavender Rose Facial Toner

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday evening. How was your weekend?

We had a busy but fun weekend. It was our anniversary on Wednesday, the 25th, and we celebrated the occasion three times! Today wrapped up the anniversary fun, but I will recap the weekend later on in the week because I have a LOT of photos to go through. In short, we went whale watching today, and it was the most perfect day ever!

BUT, I want to chat with you guys about essential oils tonight. You guys know I love essential oils, but it wasn’t until Monday night that I dove in with a company well known in the essential oil space. And by diving in I mean purchasing the kit, which I originally thought was a big investment (when I first came across this about a year ago at an essential oils class), but it really is a good value when you combine the cost of buying a diffuser and each essential oil individually.

So, I have been using Young Living essential oils for almost a week, and I want to share a story with you guys, because I was actually super impressed right off the bat.

A couple weeks ago Ryan got nasal surgery. Nothing major, no nose jobs or anything, but it was a day surgery that took at least a week for him to feel like his normal self. However, right after the surgery I noticed his snoring was out of control. Like. OUT. OF. CONTROL. Granted, he just got surgery and was breathing out of his mouth, but this was his usual, nearly non-existent snore amplified x 10000. After receiving my kit of essential oils, I diffused some at bed time – thieves, peppermint, and lavender to be exact – and I woke up in the morning completely shocked. You see, his snoring had been keeping me up for at least four nights straight post-op, but that night after using the oils, I didn’t wake up once from his snoring at all. He even said he had a restful nights sleep and although his nose was still sore, he hadn’t been tossing and turning all night. So, I took it as a sign that these essential oils were actually working some kind of voodoo magic, and the fact that they are all natural was a huge bonus, too.

Anyway, I am not about to start advertising essential oils on the blog because that is not what my blog is about. However, my blog IS about sharing what works for me, and so that brings me to the next part of my post: sharing a facial toner “recipe” with you all!

You will need:


A spritzing bottle. I recommend glass so you don’t have any cheap plastic chemicals leaching into your toner ; )



Lavender essential oil


Rose water. Now, I totally realized AFTER uploading and editing the picture that the label is in French, soo… Ooops, sorry guys! I like this one because it has witch hazel in it which is super calming for your skin.

How to make it?

It is so easy. Like so easy a child could do it, which is good because some days I have some child-like moments.

Moving on…

You will want to fill your glass bottle with the rose water, then add 5 drops (or however much you like) of essential oil. Then gently shake it up, spritz on your face, and feel like a new human.

Why lavender and rose water?

Both lavender and rose water are soothing and healing to the skin. This makes it a nice combination for all kinds of skin types, especially those that may be dry and sensitive (hello, my skin). Both of the scents mix well, and the toner leaves your skin with a refreshed, hydrated feel.

Little by little I will be sharing more things like this as I experiment with clean beauty & essential oils. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Beatrice | 7th Nov 17

    Definitely appreciate a recipe a child could make, haha! Sounds like your anniversary was awesome and whale watching sounds like the coolest thing. I heard a lot about YL essential oils when I was researching what brand to buy! I opted for a cheaper one, but I’ve heard that YL are really really good quality. That’s awesome that they worked so well for you! 🙂

    Beatrice | The Bliss Bean

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