Our Anniversary: A Whale Watching Photo Diary


Sunday, October 29th, 2017: Celebrating our 4th anniversary whale watching.

It was a stunning day to go out for a whale watching tour, and I woke up eager to get out there on the water. Our tour started at 12:15pm, and we were advised to arrive half an hour early to check in and board so the tour could start on time, so we packed up our things & left home around 10:15am. This gave us ample time to drive to Victoria and grab a coffee before the whale watching adventure began. I had been chatting Ryan’s ear off about wanting to go whale watching for a whole year, so when I opened my gift and saw a voucher for whale watching inside the envelope, you can guess that I was absolutely thrilled!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this on the blog before, but I LOVE being out on the water. When I was in elementary school my dream was to become a marine biologist. I had a closet in my room (which was painted blue and I also painted a palm tree and a dolphin on one wall – so crafty!) that was covered in posters of dolphins, whales, and I had so many books of marine mammals. So, you could say I was pretty thrilled to be out there seeing whale in real life. I mean, how often do you get to board a boat in the open water and see whales in their natural habitat? Fortunately, where I live on Vancouver Island, this is all within reach as many whale pods come up to our waters to eat before travelling to warmer waters to mate, give birth, and nurse their young. Fun fact: whales LOVE South Vancouver Island because of our huge amount of food for them. Have you ever noticed how in tropical areas the water is crystal clear, yet in colder areas the water is a dark, almost murky blue? That murkiness is actually food sources like fish, algae, etc for whales and other mammals to feed off of. There you go. You’re smarter already ; )

I highly recommend Prince of Whales tours if you are in the Victoria area and want to go on a whale watching tour of your own. During our tour we saw seals, stellar sea lions, California sea lions, an otter playing amongst the seaweed, a bald eagle, two porpoises, several humpback whales (they are incredibly huge – you can fit a whole Volkswagen Beatle inside their mouth!), and even a few transient orcas! These transient orcas were on the hunt and moving fast – about 30 km/hour (which is fast for swimming!), and unlike the local orcas who feed on salmon, small fish, and plant-based materials, transient orcas may feed on other mammals. The naturalist on board was thinking that these transient orcas were hunting seals which is why they were in such a hurry to get where they were going! If I recall correctly, we saw four orcas in total and one of them was a mama with her calf!

Okay, can you tell I am excited about this? I kept saying to Ryan it was the best day ever. Best anniversary ever. OMG, this is the best whale watching tour ever. I am so lucky! So, without keeping you on the edge of your seats for too long, here is my photo diary from our whale watching anniversary extravaganza. I am so grateful for this experience and thankful to live in such a beautiful place!

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