Blogmas Day 10: An Early Christmas Gift


Friday night at 8:07pm, an airplane landed at YYJ airport in Victoria, BC. On that plane were several rescue puppies from Northern BC that were coming to Vancouver Island to escape the cold. The thought had been about six months to a year in the making: we should get Nala a friend. You see, Nala is our rescue pup who you might remember from this post back in July of 2016. It is hard to think that in 2018 she will be two years old, as it seems like we have had her forever.

Nevertheless, we searched for dogs here and there, but we never felt serious about it enough until this fall. At one point the light bulb was burning so brightly that we could not ignore the idea. And, as luck may have it, a local rescue had come across a few litters of puppies up north. Ryan and I decided it was time to put in our application, as there was one pup in particular with an icy blue stare that caught our eyes and tugged at our heart strings.


So, it was on that Friday night (December 8th) that we picked up our new pup from the airport. She was so tiny curled up with her blanket in her carrying case. It was funny watching her walk with the big girl leash back to the Jeep. We brought her home, introduced her to Nala and Simba (our cat), which thankfully went well. To be honest, the first night wasn’t terrible – only a bit of crying in her crate before she fell fast asleep.

Our first full day together yesterday was spent playing, sleeping, and even learning a few new tricks. Or rather, starting to learn, anyway. Life is so busy when you are a puppy! Although mom did not get much sleep this weekend because she has been sick AND on puppy duty, mom & dad are both super happy with the new addition to the family. Guess what? Nala and Simba are happy, too. Well, the dog more than the cat ; )



Welcome to the family, Luna!


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