Blogmas Day 18: Sisters Who Match Together, Stay Together


Good morning & HAPPY MONDAY FUN DAY!

Today is going to be a great day. Why? I only work 3.5 days this week and then I’m on Christmas break, and it should be a fun time at work leading up until our Christmas party on Thursday.


Speaking of Christmas parties, yesterday was my family’s annual Christmas party. Since it is hard to get everyone together in one place on Christmas Day, my parents host everyone at their house before Christmas. Ryan and I packed up the dogs and all of the goodies we were to bring, like a veggie tray and the presents for our gift exchange, and then we were off!


My parents live about 20 minutes away, so the dogs got to have a bit of a car ride and listen to the Christmas tunes with us. I think Ryan is slowly warming up to the Christmas music station… Either that or he is simply tolerating it since we were driving my vehicle. Nala quite likes car rides (for the most part), and Luna is still little so she was hanging out in her carrier on Ryan’s lap while I drove. See, the trick is, if you drive THERE then the other person has to drive back ; ) That’s my strategy, anyway.



Ryan and my mom & dad’s dog, Marley.


I actually didn’t take a ton of pictures yesterday for the simple fact that nobody likes to have a camera in their face. And I was too busy visiting, decorating sugar cookies, eating, and sipping my coffee and Bailey’s. Hey! Tis the season, folks. It was great to see lots of cousins from up island, and there were SIX DOGS there all at once. Oh my gosh. Puppy heaven!! Luna had a lot of fun running around after all the dogs, and Nala was LOVING life. She loves people, dogs, and even found the cat when she ventured upstairs. Not sure if the cat liked that, buuuuut cats are good at hiding.


We played a gift exchange game where you could either take a present from the middle and unwrap it, or you could steal someone else’s gift. My mom stole a gift and my uncle stole one, but other than that, everyone was pretty content with their gifts! I came home with a new mug (YESSSS! Does anyone else LOVE mugs!?) that was full of chocolates and a Starbucks gift card. Yep, definitely doing to get a holiday drink with that this week!

My sister and I also bought a special outfit to wear for the occasion.



Matching Christmas jammies, of course! We went shopping last week for them and, typical me, I forgot to take the sticker off of mine. I took off my jacket, a few people started laughing, and my mom pointed out the sticker. Oops. At least they didn’t let me walk around with it for too long – that could’ve been funny in the family pictures, though! I am not putting the family pictures up on the blog because I know a lot of people won’t want their face all over the Internet (even though my mom put them on Facebook already – eeerrrr sorry guys!). I mean, I totally get it. Not everyone puts their lives online like I do! Some of it, anyway. Ryan and I hung out until about dinner time before we packed up the dogs and headed home. I had a headache on the way home from all the sugar and lack of water, so it was early to bed for me to get a good rest before the work day today. There’s nothing I love more than an 8:30pm bed time and a new pair of pyjamas. Okay that’s not true. There’s lots of things I love more (uhh like Ryan, my dogs, my family, friends, etc) but that’s high on the list!


I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! What did you get up to on the weekend?

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