Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Gratitude


Good morning everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve! One more sleep until the big day, and I am feeling a bit sentimental today. The holiday time always fills me with so much joy, but also tons of gratitude and today I wanted to share 24 things I am grateful for.

These are in no particular order otherwise I’d have 24 number ones : )


  • My family & friends for guiding me and shaping me into the person I am today.
  • The beautiful place I call home – Vancouver Island. There is no shortage of things to do and places to explore here, and I am so thankful to live in a place that truly has all four seasons!
  • My health and how my relationship with food and exercise has grown into something that is sustainable, gentle, and nourishing for me instead of restricting.



  • My sister, who is also my best friend and one of the funniest and kindest people I know
  • My job, which is completely different than what I was doing before but a welcome change
  • My home which can be a little bit crazy with two dogs and a cat running around, but it is cozy and welcoming & brings me comfort



  • A hot cup of coffee, bonus if it’s enjoyed by the Christmas tree and all the lights, but anytime works for me!



  •  These two little monkeys that bring me so much joy. It’s funny to watch them play together, chase each other around the house, or follow one another in the backyard. Nala loves having a sister, and Luna’s personality shines more and more every day. I think Nala is kind of showing her the ropes around here (aside from ripping up her pee pads. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from).



  • Traditions during the holidays, whether new or old. Every year Ryan and I decorate a gingerbread house together (although I tend to take over and he eats the candy), and this year we have started a tradition of buying  each other Christmas pajamas and then roasting a chicken for dinner on Christmas Eve. The kitchen smells great with everything cooking!
  • Christmas in general, because I feel like everyone is a little bit kinder during the holidays. If only we kept that Christmas spirit all year round!



  • My sweet Nala girl and best running friend. While Luna is too young to be running with us, it’s nice to have that time with just me and Nala and I’m sure she appreciates the break everyone once and a while!

  • RUNNING for keeping me sane, healthy, and HAPPY. It clears my mind after a long day, sets me up for a great day, and has taught me so much about believing in my abilities and not being afraid to set impossible goals – then realizing they aren’t so impossible.



  • My parents who are the best people on Earth. I know some people say they have the best parents, but I don’t think that’s true because MY parents are the best ; ) I may be a bit biased, but really. They are amazing people who do so much for others, the community, our family, and anyone who needs a helping hand. Their love and support is like no other and I love them very much!

  • Where to start with this guy. Ryan has shown me how it feels to truly be loved by another person and makes sure I know it every single day. Although we may frustrate each other (not that I am stubborn or sarcastic or anything…), at the end of the day we have each other’s backs and he is my best friend. He knows how to cheer me up when I am sad, make me laugh when I need it most, and is always there for a foot massage even if my feet stink after a run. He is the best and I hope everyone can find a Ryan to have in their life – you just can’t have mine : )
  • And Marley! This guy is such a snuggler and although Nala (and now Luna) may annoy him by wanting to play all the time, he tolerates them and even joins in on the fun sometimes! He is the most mellow dog and I love him to pieces.


  • This guy, a summer day, hanging on the boat and going for a cruise. Paradise.
  • Being near the beach or any body of water. I am a Pisces so the water feels like home. I think that’s why I love Vancouver Island so much!


  • Getting lost in a good book. Also enjoyable, reading your favourite book in a bubble bath with jazz music playing. #oldsoul



  • Puppy snuggles, especially when you need them the most. I remember this day and coming home from work at the bank and bawling my eyes out because it was just an awful, awful day. I flopped down on the bed and Nala jumped up and snuggled me right away, and Ryan caught this moment. I have it framed on my nightstand.



  • A big hug from your mom, because they always know how to hug you best!
  • Having a long conversation with an old friend that turns into a 3 hour heart to heart.



  • A fuzzy pair of socks and fresh pajamas. Nothing better! Gotta keep it cozy.
  • On the topic of clothes, new running gear. Okay, that might be better than pajamas but not by much.



  • Exploring with Ryan and the dogs. I look forward to many more day trips and adventures in 2018!

Okay, and technically this is item #25 but I am grateful for all of YOU who visit my little corner of the world! You are the BEST!

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