MERRY CHRISTMAS! Blogmas Day 25 Roundup


I hope you all have a fantastic day with your family and loved ones. Thank you so much for following me along this Blogmas journey. It has been tons of fun thinking of new posts for the majority of the month of December. I will be taking a break from the blog until the New Year and will see you all in 2018, but please enjoy the round up of ALL of the Blogmas posts in case you missed any! Thank you again for joining me. I love you all & MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Blogmas Day 1: Introducing BLOGMAS! What is it? What can we expect?



Blogmas Day 2: November Favourites. Food, beauty, lifestyle & adventures!


Blogmas Day 3: Holiday Dieting – My thoughts and why I’m not doing it this year.


Blogmas Day 4: The return of the PODCAST! Where I’ve been, what’s new, that time I ran a marathon, and MORE!


Blogmas Day 5: Running in the dark. It can be a bit scary, but here’s how I prepare and stay safe.


Blogmas Day 6: 26.2 things running a marathon taught me. A few serious things, a few funny things, a lot of tips & tricks!


Blogmas Day 7: Gift guide for runners – stocking stuffers, tech, gear & more!


Blogmas Day 8: Gift guide for wellness lovers. Beauty, health, books, and more!


Blogmas Day 9: Book review of The Girls by Emma Cline


Blogmas Day 10: An Early Christmas Gift. Welcome to the family, Luna!


Blogmas Day 11: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Training


Blogmas Day 12: That time we got our Christmas tree


Blogmas Day 13: Sharing ALL the essential oil goodies I received in my Young Living Essential Rewards order.


Blogmas Day 14: A festive evening where we decorate a gingerbread house, the dogs play, and Ryan eats all the candy.


Blogmas Day 15: Christmas CRACK. Enough said.


Blogmas Day 16: Reflections During a Dark Run. In this post I get super sentimental about the year I’ve had and the big moments that really stand out in 2017.


Blogmas Day 17: Saturdays are for the Girls


Blogmas Day 18: That time Sarah and I wore matching Christmas pajamas to our family Christmas party and everyone was super jealous because they weren’t as comfy as us.


Blogmas Day 19: Waking up to a winter wonderland & having to make good friends with the treadmill.


Blogmas Day 20: That time I found out I am a NUUNBASSADOR!


Blogmas Day 21: I love our dogs, and in this post I share 6 things our rescue dogs have taught me – so far!


Blogmas Day 22: We had a bit of a Christmas tragedy, and more treadmill running because of all of the snow!!


Blogmas Day 23: We are officially on Christmas holidays! Sharing a peek into our cozy Friday, plus I chat about my Christmas staff party. Spoiler alert: I drank a lot.

Blogmas Day 24: 24 Things I am Grateful for this Christmas Eve.

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