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We have all been there. New work out clothes, new work out plan, ready to crush our fitness goals, and then the motivation disappears.

I know I have experienced my fair share of motivation crashes. I think for anyone on a fitness or lifestyle-change journey it’s bound to happen. However, what is most important is recognizing that it happens to all of us. Yep! You aren’t going to motivated 24/7, and that’s okay. For me, acknowledging that motivation comes and goes was instrumental in flipping that thought in my head that I always had to be motivated. The trick is to pull yourself out of that slump before you get too far in and start to lose all of your hard work (and even if you do, guess what? You dust yourself off and start again).

In order to stay motivated you have to have a fire lit within. What DRIVES you to get up and workout every day? What drives you to do anything? Sure, you have to go to work because life ain’t free, but when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, it really is easier to eat garbage and sit on the couch. Sitting is an easy activity that is hurting us every single day for the simple fact that we sit TOO MUCH! This is when we have to make a choice: take the easy way out or keep moving forward. It is up to YOU (not your trainer or coach, significant other, friend, etc) to make that choice day in and day out.

When it comes to being motivated, getting started is often the hardest part. Then once you get moving things feel a bit easier. Sure, the fire will dim and seem like it’s burning out, but then it’ll catch a spark and ignite again. What it comes down to is our choices. Isn’t that what everything in life is about? Seems like it, anyway. We can either choose to stay in our comfort zone or we can choose better ourselves and grow. If we don’t grow, we stay stagnant, and we are made to move! After all, we are not trees rooted in one spot : )

A few things I like to do to boost my motivation:

  • Change of scenery. Head to the track if you want to get your cardio in instead of using the elliptical, bike, or running your same route. Getting outside will also boost your mood!
  • Review your training journal (if you don’t keep one, it is a great idea to keep yourself accountable & on track!) to see how far you’ve come.
  • Have a cup of coffee & get yourself out the door.
  • Tell a friend. Chances are they will tell you to just do it.
  • ENLIST a friend. This will help you stay accountable!
  • Suck it up. It might be a pain to get the workout done, but I will feel 1000x better when it’s done and my motivation to keep that going will continue. Sometimes all it takes is ONE workout to light the fire again!
  • Remember: You are one workout away from a good mood!

What do you do to keep the motivation train rolling!? Share a tip in the comments.


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