My First Run Club Experience


You guys know I am a solo runner. I like the time to reflect in my head, work through any problems I’m having, and zone out when I run. Sure, there’s people around me that know that I run. They think I’m crazy for paying to run races, marathons, waking up to get a long run in on a Saturday morning while it’s still dark. I’ve heard it all. However, I have been talking to some of my Instagram runner friends about their experiences with run clubs and I thought it was about time to check one out for myself.

I’ve known about a local run club in my area for a few years now. I see them at races I attend, and my aunt is actually a member. She loves the feeling of community that the run club brings, and that’s definitely something I was missing as a solo runner. Although I have a great support system that cheers me on during my races and understands when I dip out of plans due to my training, there is a special bond that runners have. We just get it, you know? I made it one of my New Year’s Intentions to join a run club, and on Wednesday night I had my first run club experience.

To my surprise, I wasn’t the only newbie in the group. I mean, it’s not like I am a new runner who is starting from scratch. While I don’t have several marathons under my belt, I have been running for about 7 years now and I have participated in my share of races. I kind of know the ropes, not to toot my own horn. However, since I am not a group runner, I imagine this will be a good learning experience for me, and fortunately I love learning! My motivation behind joining a running group is to meet other people who run. I have to say, it can be lonely being a solo runner, and since none of my friends and close family are runners, this hobby that has changed my life is mostly kept to myself. I know that miles shared with friends are miles well spent, as they are when you are running on your own, but I figured that by meeting other like-minded people, and potentially faster people too, it would make me grow and improve as a runner.

So, we met up at 5:30pm Wednesday evening and set out for a easy run around town. The route took us through some neighbourhoods, downtown, and up a long climbing hill before we were on our home stretch. We covered 7km and on Wednesday nights they practice the 9 and 1 interval method, which is something I have only done maybe once or twice, so it’ll be interesting to see how that compares to running one distance without stopping. Nonetheless, it was fun to run and chat and work up a sweat, especially after work when you are tempted to just put your jammies on and flop on the couch!

Run club is Wednesday and Saturdays, so stay tuned on the blog to hear more about how things are going! I’m really looking forward to seeing how my fitness improves with this new addition to my routine : )

Are you part of a run club? What’s your favourite thing about it?

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