Race Recap – Cobble Hill 10km

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent with family on Saturday & racing with my run club on Sunday! Despite the downpour it was a fun event, and the rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, meal prepping & watching The Office. For anyone who hasn’t seen that show yet (and this is coming from someone who is WAY late on The Office train), you are missing out! Anyway, this morning I wanted to share with you my recap of the race which was hosted by my run club.

The race started later in the day at 11am, which left me time to sleep in a little bit (compared to my usual 5am or 6am wake up calls during the week), have coffee, and enjoy my oatmeal without feeling panicked for time. It’s nice to have a no-pressure morning before a race. I kept looking outside at the rain and thought about changing my outfit 100x, but I decided to not worry about it. We can’t control the weather, after all. So, I grabbed my bag with my change of clothes for after the race & we headed out in the rain.

The Cobble Hill 10km is the second run in the Vancouver Island run series, and it’s a route through agricultural land in, you guessed it, Cobble Hill, British Columbia. I ran this race last year & the weather was not great, but fortunately the sun came out during the race yesterday. It rained hard a little bit, but honestly I didn’t mind since the rest of the race was so clear. Last year I struggled with a sore hamstring (note to self, do not do an intense hips, hamstring & core yoga class the day before a race!), but this year I went into the race with one goal: have fun, no matter the weather.


I ran with my friend Joanna (who is going to join Ceevacs run club – yay!) and we chatted away the kilometres, and just ran together quietly up the hills. It was nice to have someone to run with! I mean, someone you know, given that there’s hundreds of runners out there on the course. A lot of people from my run club ran a great, fast race, and there were some seriously speedy kids out there, too! I’m talking 35 minutes fast at the age of ten kind of thing.

The first couple kilometres had some good rolling hills, and it’s easy to go out too fast because you start on a down hill. And then you keep going down, but eventually you have to turn around and go back. I’m happy to report that we stayed strong during the hills and kept pushing onwards. Plus, the sun was coming out, so that was a plus and just added to the beauty of the farmland and pretty houses.

The last “hill” was around the 8km (ish?) mark, and I looked at my watch and saw that we were actually getting faster. We kept it at a nice pace, and although my legs were feeling a bit tired, I knew I still had more in me. So, I picked it up a tad bit more, but unfortunately bumped into the gentleman behind me in the photo below trying to dodge some pot holes and puddles RIGHT before the finish line. What can you do but side step and try to run faster!? At this point my goal was to at least edge in front, and voila. Mission accomplished.



Overall it was a great race, and I am super proud of my performance. I ended up beating my last Cobble Hill 10km time by two minutes, but I missed a 10km PR by ONE WHOLE SECOND! Obviously this made me think of everything I could’ve done better, where I should’ve run faster, etc, but the truth of the matter is I ran well, I negative split (ran the second half faster than the first), and I was 11th in my age group. The 10km is a bit of a tricky distance in that you don’t want to go out too fast and worry about fading too soon, but you also don’t want to be too conservative and risk trying to make up for the speed later on. With that being said, when I saw my negative splits on my watch I was super pleased! will take that as a win. If anything, it lights a bigger fire to keep working hard towards my 10km PR.  My goal is to take 5 minutes off of my 10km time, and so I will continue to work my little hiney off until I can check that off my running goals list!


I hope you all had a great weekend & enjoy the week ahead. I have a guest coming on the blog on Wednesday, so watch out for that!

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