Weekly Workout Recap

Hey guys!

We are back on the blog with another weekly workout recap. How are you guys liking these posts? Should I continue them? Let me know what you think!

We will rewind to last weekend to start off the recap. Saturday the 13th was my first weekend long run with my run club. I checked the weather before I left (we met up at a nature park about 20 minutes away from my house), and packed a couple extra jackets in case it started to rain. It was a good thing I did, because it was drizzly rain the whole day!

  • Saturday, January 13th: 13km group run (6:19/km), 2km on my own (5:43/km) for a total of 15km. After the Saturday long runs we meet up for coffee, so it was nice to sit down, warm up & get to know some of the other club members! Once I got home I stretched, foam rolled, and did some hip strengthening exercises (called the Myrtle Routine). I also did about 20 minutes of arms and ab work.

  • Sunday, January 14th: I only needed 5km to reach 80km for the Lululemon | Strava challenge, so I took it to the trail near our house to get it done. It was a beautiful sunny day, and it felt so nice to be outside! I followed this run up with stretching and foam rolling. Earlier in the morning Ryan & I also took the dogs for a walk, which was about 2.5-ish km.

  • Monday, January 15th: Rest day from running
  • Tuesday, January 16th: 30 minutes full body strength training. Abs, arms, some legs (squats, deadlifts, bridges)


  • Wednesday, January 17th: Run club! It was down pouring outside, but there was still a group of us that met up and ran an easy 7km in the rain. I am actually kind of loving rainy runs! We actually had some thunder and lightning this evening, but fortunately I was home sweet home before it rolled in.
  • Thursday, January 18th: Another rainy run. I woke up extra early before work to get this in, and it was my first time running with a head lamp. Let me tell you – what a game changer! Especially in the areas where the street lights are few & far between. I also did 30 minutes of strength training, core & foam rolling after work.



  • Friday, January 19th: 6-7km easy after work. I woke up late this morning so this run is being pushed back!


Tomorrow is a rest day, and Sunday is another RACE DAY! It’s the Cobble Hill 10km, so look forward to a race recap on Monday! Last year it poured and poured, so fingers crossed it stays clear. If not, well. What do you do but get it done!?



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