Race Recap: Diamond Dash 5km – Part One


Hey, hey, everyone!

I was kind of MIA on the blog last week, but I am back on this Family Day holiday (in British Columbia, anyway) with a race recap for you!

Spoiler alert: Hills. So. Many. Hills.


My mom & I headed to Victoria on Saturday early afternoon to participate in the Diamond Dash. This race has been happening for the last couple years (I believe), but it was both my mom and my first time dashing for diamonds. It was held at the Westin Bear Mountain Hotel & Resort, and had a later start at 11am. This gave us lots of time to make the drive there (about an hour from my house), pick up our race goodies, and settle in before it started.



They had lots of tables set up with prizes, silent auction items, and booths for the sponsors of the race. We put our name tag at the bottom of our bib number into draw bags and were entered to win numerous prizes, three prizes being DIAMONDS! For real. Like $1500 value for one of the pieces alone. Needless to say, we wanted to stick around after the race to see if our names would be drawn!


So, the race started near their golf course entrance and it was pretty much all down hill for the first 1.5km. This was great, but that means going up hill on the way back! There was also a big hill thrown in there around the 2km mark, which was not fun to go up. I mean, look how steep it is! My mom and I run/walked this race, and she did a good amount of running considering how many hills. The whole way back was uphill, and STEEP hills too! I didn’t snap a lot of pictures along the way, but this gives you kind of an idea of what the hills were like.



This picture was taken about halfway up the hill. I actually have a VLOG (!! yep, another video coming) of our race recap on the way home, so stay tuned for that on Wednesday! There’s some laughs, some stories about the lady in dress pants, and some sentimental moments. You guys will love it, I’m sure!



After the race was over, we headed back inside to get some snacks! They had fruit (oranges, apples, bananas), and a buffet with different kind of pastas that they packaged in those mini takeout-type containers. My mom and I were going to head downtown for lunch, so we grabbed some fruit and water and took our seats for the draw prizes. Although we did not win any diamonds, I did win a pair of running gloves, so that was a fun bonus!

In the swag bags they also gave us a shirt (my mom is wearing hers), a water bottle, a lanyard, Ultima replenisher packets, a juice box, Honey Stinger waffle… What else am I missing here? It was loaded with lots of goodies!



I want to express how proud I am of my mom on this one! My mom is not a regular runner, but she does her best every time and loves to participate in fun runs. She worked hard out there, even with me in her ear cheering her on the whole way, and I can’t wait to help her earn a new Personal Best time!



This recap is short and sweet, but you will have 10 minutes of mother-daughter fun during our vlog on Wednesday! It’s kind of like the recap part two, I suppose : ) I hope you all had a great weekend!

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