Race Recap: Diamond Dash 5km – Part Two


Well, folks. Here is part two of the Diamond Dash 5km race recap. I haven’t done a video format like this before, so I hope you guys enjoy! All in all, it was a great race and one that definitely takes some hill training. The best part though? Spending the day with my mom & doing something active together! Oh, and the post-race brunch afterwards and shopping was nice too.

Have a good week! Let me know if you like to see more of these chatty style videos. They are fun to make! : )

#Nuunbassador: My First Order


Hey guys!

It has been a hot minute since I have created a video, so here’s one in all of my awkward, unedited glory. The dogs make a cameo (and make some noise), the lighting isn’t perfect, and I didn’t get all dolled up to film this BUT! I’m all about keeping things real and authentic, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Activewear Haul: Lululemon & The Running Room


Good morning, Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was filled with running, chores & errands, and shopping!

I wanted to share with you all today what I picked up on Saturday at Lululemon and The Running Room. As you may know already I did the Lululemon | Strava challenge, and as the runner reward they gave you a 25% discount to use in store on some new running/workout gear. This actually came at the perfect time because my favourite pants wore a hole on the inner thigh (damn you, inner thigh chaffeage!), so I was due for a new pair. While they didn’t have my original pants that I loved so much, I found a pair that are very similar, and another running-appropriate item.

With that, let’s get into the haul! It has been a while since I did one of these on the blog, mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve really purchased anything new, so I am excited to share this with you!

Let’s start with Lululemon. It was my first stop of the day, and although I do like their running clothes, it is a bit expensive for me to buy on a regular basis. Plus, I have to drive about an hour to my nearest Lululemon store, so it’s really gotta be worth my while! Fortunately on Saturday I had that 25% off discount, so I figured it would be worth the drive to replace my poor holey pants.

I tried on three different pairs, but these ones were the winner!



Full length (usually I like an ankle length but they didn’t have any!), high waisted, and POCKETS! The most important thing. To me, anyway.



They feature a zippered pocket on both sides of the leg that is big enough to fit a phone, keys, a debit or credit card, gels, etc. When I am running by myself early in the morning I like to have my phone with me for safety reasons, and I also bring my house key. This will make it easy to take everything I need on the run.


The pants also have a bit of reflective striping on the front of the leg, as well as the reflective logo on the back. They don’t have a TON of reflective features, but this is okay because I generally wear these obnoxiously bright yellow and reflective bands around my ankles (they simply velcro around your ankle or wherever you want them). Still, it is a nice touch.



Speaking of nice touches, I really like this scrunch detail at the back of the ankle. It gives the pants a little something extra without making it look like they are way too long and your pants are scrunching at the ankle.



I have yet to wear them in the rain, so we will see how that rain treatment holds up!



I also picked up a new running hat while I was visiting Lululemon. It caught my eye right when I was checking out, and I immediately grabbed it off the shelf and said “I’ll take this, too.” without even trying it on. I have a couple running hats from Lululemon already, and I love them so much. It’s funny because I never used to be a hat kinda gal, but they are a life saver when it’s pouring out! Not because it keeps my hair dry, because it really doesn’t, but because it keeps the rain out of my face and also makes me feel kind of bad ass. I don’t know, guys. Just go with it.


It has some reflective detail on the back adjustable band as well as the logo, and the splatter print is a bit more eye catching than a plain black hat. Plus it is super light weight and does not feel clunky at all (you know how some hats feel like bricks? Not this one!), so it’ll be perfect for winter and spring running.


Now, moving on to The Running Room!



I am a big fan of pullover type tops, and when I saw this one it immediately caught my eye. I love to be a bit more fun and colourful with my running clothes, so this was perfect. Plus, it is so soft, the right amount of fitted, and has reflective detail, thumb holes, AND the sleeves kind of flip over to keep your hands warm (I’ll get into this more below). Can’t go wrong there!



The back also features a pretty large size pocket that could probably fit your phone, and of course things like keys, cards, gels, etc. I haven’t tested it out yet, but from the looks of it, it is a fairly large pocket.



Thumb holes are great…



…But a hand warmer, too!? This is perfect!



It is from their Running Room line & the logo is reflective.



Here is the style number and other info for your reference!



I also found a new sports bra! The last time I bought a new sports bra was before my marathon, and while I do love them, it’s nice to have options. And to be completely honest, I don’t want to have to do laundry multiple times per week just to make sure I always have a clean bra in rotation. #Lazy



This one from Brooks feels supportive without crushing the girls, and the style is called the Rebound Racer. It is a high impact activity bra that has moulded cups on the inside and a bra-like clasp in the back.



I am interested to see how easy it will be to take off after a sweaty run, but I’ll have to put that to the test!

Since I am part of the Ceevacs running club, I also got a discount at The Running Room & 20% off since I am running the Times Colonist 10km race in April, which is a big 10km that I look forward to every spring. So, it was a good day for deals, AND I found $5 on the sidewalk so that paid for some candy & green juice for the ride home. Balance, guys.


That’s everything I got! I hope you guys enjoyed this post & let me know if you like to see hauls like this. Or hauls of any kind! : ) See ya Wednesday!

RAINY Weekly Training Recap!

Good morning!

Happy Friday! What do you guys have planned this weekend? Running, racing, working out, getting your downward facing dog on, doing a whole lotta relaxing!? Tomorrow I have my Saturday long run with run club, then puppy class, and on Sunday we are probably going to take a quick trip to Victoria. Well, I want to go to Victoria to use my 25% discount from the Lululemon & Strava 40 | 80 challenge, but I haven’t exactly told Ryan that yet ; ) Hehe.

To kick off this Friday morning I wanted to share with you my week in training. It was a fun week of running and wrapped up with a race, as you guys may have already read about here.

  • Saturday, January 20th: Rest day for the race tomorrow!



  • Sunday, January 21st: Cobble Hill 10km. You can read my race recap here! It started off as a rainy day, but turned into a beautiful, sunny day and a great run.
  • Monday, January 22nd: Rest day! I went for a quick 15 minute walk at lunch to take advantage of a break in the rain, but kept things really easy and low-key.



  • Tuesday, January 23rd: 30 minutes of easy running, which ended up being 5.12km. Yes, that .12 is important to note, haha! It was another rainy morning, but I felt STRONG and fresh after Monday’s rest day. I ran up a long, curved hill that I often come across during my morning runs (purposely seeking more hillier routes, which is easy since there’s quite a few hills around where we live!), and didn’t stop to walk or take a break at all. This was a good feeling especially since my quads were a bit sore from Sunday’s race. Nothing too bad though and it ended up being a great run.


  • Wednesday, January 24th: HOLY rain. This was my Wednesday evening run club with the Ceevacs, and it down poured on us. If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen my Insta-Story from this evening where I literally had rain dripping off the brim of my hat. The rain also soaked through my jacket and long sleeve top underneath, and my pants were almost black they were so wet (they are grey). We did 7 easy kilometres, and after I got changed into dry clothes, I foam rolled for about 15 minutes.


Here’s a little Wednesday night breakfast prep for you! I was craving a smoothie & thought I would get everything ready to go the night before, that way all I had to add was cashew milk.


In my smoothie I had vanilla plant based protein powder, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp peanut butter, a shake of maca powder, a scoop of collagen powder, about 1/4 cup strawberries, spinach & baby kale, chia seeds, and cashew milk. Blendy blend blend & you’re done!



  • Thursday, January 25th: Another rainy run with some hills. 10km in total at 6:06/km, which is kind of my easy pace “sweet spot.” For now! Soon getting faster will be easier, but right now I am working in the space I am in and taking steps to get faster. I stretched a bit after this run, but wanted to shower & get ready for the work day so didn’t spend too much time stretching.


  • Friday, January 26th: A little bit of yoga & some upper body weights and core work. I like to have Fridays as my rest days (unless I am racing on a Sunday), but I wanted to get in a bit of cross training and thought the stretching would do my body good!


Tomorrow is long run day, and we are running in my hometown of Chemainus! I love Chemainus and know a lot of good running routes, so I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun : ) Plus, the post run coffee is always nice (as I feel like I’ve mentioned before haha), and then the rest of the busy weekend activities. I hope you all have a great day!