Week 3 Marathon Training Recap + Saturday Shenanigans


Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Are Monday’s actually happy though? Back to the grind, back to routine, and goodbye to the weekend.

It’s not all bad, though! It’s a fresh start, right?

Today I wanted to recap Saturday for you, as I tend to do on Monday mornings. Saturdays are typically either super busy, or they are like this past Saturday where the day flew by, despite the fact that I didn’t get too much done. Note: my definition of an unproductive day means I didn’t get to clean the house top to bottom, vacuum, and get all the laundry done. Insert eye roll here. Boring hey, haha.

Anyway, Saturday started as it normally does for me – with a run! I had prepared the night before by sticking a water bottle in the freezer & putting my Honey Stinger gel in my water belt. Typically I do not run with a water belt all the time; they are kind of dorky looking, but at this point I’m more concerned about NOT dying from dehydration and less about what my running outfit looks like. Plus, you don’t always need to carry water with you while you’re on the go. It ended up being a life saver on this run, considering it was already HOT hot hot out when I started the run at 7am.

I had 14 miles on my training plan for Saturday, which is my longest run in A LONG TIME. The last time I ran 14 miles (or 22.5km) was years ago when I was still living with my parents in Chemainus. I tend to get comfortable at certain distances – usually around 10-12 – but obviously marathon training will be bringing me outside of this box. As my pal Jillian Michaels says, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” Oookay then!



It took me 2 hour and 17 minutes to complete my run, which I did at a comfortable-ish pace. I mean, how comfortable can you be when you have to go up ALL the hills on your way home? Boo. If anything, it’ll make me a stronger runner for the marathon, anyway! My run was a mix of roads and trails, and I felt super accomplished when it was completed. Another week of marathon training done and dusted! Of course, I did start training back in mid-May, but this marks the third week of my new training plan, which I chatted about on the podcast in episode nine.



So, how did this week go? I know you’re all dying to know, so here we go.

Monday: An easy 5 miles. This was also the day we hiked Mt Tzouhalem last week.

Tuesday: 8 miles of hills. Hills. My nemesis, but I know you are good for me. This was also the day that I had tummy troubles and had to run home at mile 6, then picked up Nala for the last two miles, then my watch died at mile 6.68-ish and I ran until I figured we had covered 8 miles or a bit over that. Oh well. Such is life!

Wednesday: Easy 6 treadmill miles after work

Thursday: Easy breezy beautiful three miles. Splits were 9:33, 9:05, 9:32 – goal marathon pace sandwiched between two hills. I was happy with this one!

Friday: REST. Literally did nothing after work and also slept in, so that was nice!

Saturday: 14 miles

Sunday: Rest

Onward to a new week in training!

Then after my run, I puttered around the house & started to play around with the podcast a bit. More to come on that. I also ran a few errands, then went to a friend’s house to hang out and chat on the deck with a cup of tea. It was a great afternoon, and I met my mom & dad’s new cat, Lucille! My sister thinks it’s so funny for animals to have human names, so that’s how Miss Lucille came about. Lucy for short!



She is sooo stinking cute. And TINY too! When I walked in the door and saw this tiny little thing frolicking towards me I was like. Oh my GOSH and instantly fell in love. Don’t worry Nala & Simba. I love you guys too, but I mean. Who doesn’t love kitties!?

After making my rounds visiting, I came home and that’s where the story ends! I made a salmon burger and salad, watched The Devil Wears Prada, and then snacked on some cherries. They are the best summer snack!


I hope you guys have an awesome day! Catch ya in the morning : )

Long Weekend Blooms + Sunshine


Hi everyone!

So, you know how in yesterday’s post I was talking about my love for fresh flowers and that I can’t have TOO many in the house because of Ryan’s allergies? Well. We had a BBQ at our house on Sunday night where we hosted about 15 people, and our thoughtful friends and family brought more flowers for me! I say me because Ryan is more of a, “sure, grab me a beer!” kinda guy as opposed to, “Oh, those flowers are beautiful!”

Regardless, I for one am super excited about all the blooms in our home right now! My sister said it was a bit of a jungle, but… I can’t help it. I’m not about to turn them away!


So bright and summery : ) Yeah, so Sunday we were in BBQ prep mode getting everything ready. We had tons of food – chips, fruit like grapes, fresh cherries & strawberries, crackers and hummus, French bread with spinach dip, a broccoli pasta salad, a vegan Caesar salad, turkey burgers & veggie burgers. Oh, and dessert was cupcakes and fudgesicles. To say everyone left with a full belly would be an understatement. Ryan and I love hosting things at our house. A) because it is our house and we don’t have to leave and B) it makes us happy to see our friends and family so happy! There’s something about everyone being together that makes my heart smile. Oh my gosh. I sound like my mother.

Another bouquet of pretty flowers from our friends at Manna Farm! My mom and dad brought their pup Marley over, so Nala was happy to have another four-legged friend to play with – plus tons of humans to keep her occupied! Our company stayed until about 11pm, then we cleaned up, watched a bit of TV and hit the hey. It was a jam-packed day outside with friends, and I loved every bit of it!

Oh, I also loved that I woke up at my alarm (which I set for 8:00am) yesterday, went to the bathroom (because you needed to know that) and proceeded to lay back down and sleep in until 10:41AM! Holy crap. I felt like the whole day was over by the time I rolled out of bed. And let me just say – I was not hungover or drinking a lot on Sunday. I guess my body just needed the rest!

My sister had slept over Sunday night, so she was busy making Ryan and I breakfast yesterday morning before she had to head off to work. When she left, and while Ryan was getting his haircut, I went out and squeezed in the easy 5 miles that my marathon training plan called for. It was hot, sweaty, but I was happy! Once I stretched and showered, I downed a smoothie (that I will be sharing with you all on Thursday!) and we packed the dog up to go for a hike. Yep, busy day full of activities!

We headed to Mt Tzouhalem, and Nala absolutely LOVED running off-leash with her cousins. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, and we grabbed a couple cold drinks at Starbucks after. Why not, right?

Beauty day for a hike!

Aaaand then this happened. We were lounging on the couch, anticipating a quiet night in watching TV and overall being lazy, and Ryan was Googling Kitchen Aid mixers. When this man finds a deal, he does NOT want to wait even one second before jumping on it. So, away we went to Walmart, then Canadian Tire, then Best Buy to see what the prices were like. We ended up scoring this on super sale at Best Buy, so look forward to lots of recipes coming your way this summer made in this bad boy!

I think that about recaps the whole weekend for ya! I have another post coming to you this week about what’s in my fridge! I received great feedback on my what’s in my pantry post, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. Until then, I will chat with ya tomorrow on the podcast!

Canada Day 150!


Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Who else is excited to have the day off today? This girl is, and this girl needs it after a fun filled weekend!

I wanted to do a bit of a recap of what we got up to on Saturday for Canada’s 150th birthday. If you didn’t know already, I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Although I am intrigued by all the other amazing countries and places to visit around the world, Canada will forever be my home and I could not imagine living anywhere else. We truly are so lucky here!

I kicked off the Canada Day morning with a run. Saturdays are still my long run days with my new training plan, and it called for 12 miles.


I took it nice and easy at a 9:51/mile pace. My hamstrings and quads were still sore from Wednesday’s hill run and Thursday’s run, plus long runs are meant for distance and time on your feet, not necessarily for speed, SO taking it slow sounded like the best plan for me. I was extra patriotic and wore red during this run. No, not just my red face! After my run I stretched, foam rolled, and even tried the ol’ “legs up the wall” trick which is supposed to help with recovery. I am happy to report that come Sunday morning, my legs weren’t really sore at all. Maybe there is something magical about that trick!

Of course, Nala has been LOVING the summer weather. Any chance she gets, she wants to be outside. She will either play in the back yard, or find a shady spot and flop down for a little afternoon nap. We have also been going for early morning walks on the trail which I know she loves!



After doing some clean up around the house, we made our way to the farmer’s market for a few more veggies and to see what the local vendors had. I scored a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that is the new centerpiece on our dining room table. Having fresh flowers in the house makes me so happy! Plus, you can’t go wrong when they are five bucks. I mean, do you have two bouquets? If I could have flowers all around the house, I totally would. However, I think Ryan’s allergies would NOT be a fan of that.


After the farmer’s market, we made our way back home to get ready for a camp fire. My parents were camping at a local beach resort, so we decided to bring Nala down and visit for the evening. Of course, I left my phone on the charger and as we were driving towards the campsite I realized that  I did not have it. So, unfortunately I have no pictures of that, but trust me when I say it was a fun time! Nala loved playing with their dog Marley (although I’m not sure if that feeling is mutual, because Marley is about 4-5 years older than Nala), and we had BBQ chicken and s’mores – gotta have s’mores while you’re camping! We ended up staying for about 6 hours, so I was definitely tired when we got home. What’s that saying? “At the end of the day, your hands and feet should be dirty and eyes sparkling.” Yep, that was me! It was a fulfilling day and yeah, my feet were definitely dirty from kicking up dust!

Yesterday night we had a BBQ with friends and family – more on that tomorrow, but I hope you all had a great long weekend! Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians, and Happy 4th of July to all my American readers out there! See ya tomorrow : )

A Peek Inside My Pantry

Hey everyone!

I am doing something a bit different today. Since Ryan & I stocked up on pantry items at Costco on Sunday, I wanted to give you all a peek inside our pantry. Of course, there’s a mix of healthy and not so healthy. While I’d love to say we are healthy 100% of the time, there are some things that a certain man of the household just can’t live without. I gotta let him have SOMETHING, right?

We were in need of pretty much everything. Although our fridge was pretty much packed full of fresh veggies (we get farm veggies every Friday from our friends at Manna Farm), our pantry was certainly lacking in necessities.

A few of my staple pantry items: oats, local honey (which I picked up on Saturday), natural peanut butter, veggie soups, crackers (I am on a HUGE hummus and crackers, or veggies, kick right now), nuts & seeds, pasta, rice & grains.

Ryan’s pantry staples: nacho chips, mayonnaise (he’s a two sandwiches kinda guy!!), trail mix, and any other snacks he can sneak into the house ; )

So, at Costco we picked up…

Mayonnaise (blech, but Ryan had hearts in his eyes as he put this in the cart so whatevs)
Roasted almonds (I love taking these to work as a quick snack!)
A three pack of pasta (bow tie pasta, shells & a twisty kind. I’m so specific lol)
A four pack of marina sauce (two sweet basil, two onion garlic) *Unpictured
Chia seeds —> can’t live without these in my oatmeal *Unpictured
Plant based protein powder —-> will report back on how I like this! *Unpictured
Beet crackers —-> the best with super garlicky hummus!
Almond butter —> great for oatmeal, smoothies, dipping apple slices, etc. Look for only almonds!
Pack of 2 x natural peanut butter – only ingredient should be peanuts!

Refrigerated/Freezer Goodies:

Dr Brew Kombucha multi pack (6 bottles)
Salad greens
Salmon burgers
Veggie burgers x 2 boxes (one by Morning Star which is a new-to-us flavour & one by Yves)
Baja chopped salad mix

Other Goodies:

Toilet paper, paper towel, toothpaste, some glass food containers, aaaand a bag of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn because why not.

What are YOUR go-to Costco items!? Anything we should try?