Blogmas Day 17: Saturday’s are for the Girls


Good morning from your friendly neighbourhood doggies, Nala & Luna. Happy Sunday everyone!

I am checking in this morning before we head off to a Christmas party at my parents’ house today. There is going to be a ton of family there, games, good food, and plenty of DOGS! Our cousins recently became puppy parents to three dogs (hey Kelly!), so they will be there with Nala, Luna, Marley (my mom & dad’s dog), and who knows who else will be bringing their four-legged friends. Maybe I’ll bring Simba? HA! No, I don’t think he would like that.

Yesterday I had a fun filled day with the dogs. Can you believe it has already been a week since Luna came home!? She is such a sweetheart, and her and Nala are glued to the hip. Everywhere I go, Nala goes, and Luna follows. Everywhere Nala wants to lie down, Luna is right by her side curling up with her. It is the most adorable thing ever.

Rewind to Friday night: it was my turn to be on puppy duty. Luna had a decent sleep, but then woke up at the early hour of 4am. Yikes. So, I took her outside to do her business, but as soon as I went to go back to bed, she cried and cried. I figured instead of waiting for her to stop crying, I would set up camp on the couch. So, I slept for a couple hours on the couch with the dogs. I have to admit, it’s kind of nice to have a puppy snuggled up with you while you sleep, and another pup right there at your feet, but I can’t make that a habit otherwise it’ll be hard getting them to break that habit. Once doesn’t hurt though, right? : )

Saturday morning rolled around, and as soon as Ryan woke up for work (he works Tuesday to Saturday whereas I am Monday to Friday), I crawled back into bed. I originally planned to get my run in early so I could spend the rest of the day doing whatever, but it was so nice to sleep in my bed again. Listen to me. So dramatic about a couple hours on the couch, ha! I ended up waking around 8am, then enjoyed a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal before heading off to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed. They were a lil bit fuzzy, sooo some work was needed! As an added bonus, one of my close girlfriends works there and actually does my brows so we had a visit & exchanged Christmas gifts.

Once I was done at the salon, I headed to Petsmart to buy more puppy pee pads (the joys of potty training — I forgot about all the little piddles when you turn your back for ten seconds!) and a few more things for the dogs’ stockings. Yes, I am one of those people. I also found a gift for Ryan to take to the Christmas party this afternoon, and a little gift for our nephew. I’d say we (and by that I mean myself lol) are officially ready for Christmas!



Once I got home from errands, I hit the trail to get my run in. I was craving some fresh air and a longish run, and it hadn’t started raining yet so I thought I’d take advantage of the crisp weather and get out there. Sure, we have a treadmill I could take advantage of, but Mother Nature is so much more interesting than the shed walls and watching TV! Yep, I said it (as I currently have Christmas music playing on the TV right now, haha). It was quiet on the trails which was perfect. I have been running without music lately, partly because the majority of my runs recently have been at night, but it is such a nice change. Sometimes all you need is to soak in your surroundings, get some fresh air, and sweat it out.

I ended up covering 7 miles at a relaxed pace. I had to stop and walk in a few areas due to a bunch of slippery mud on the trail, but overall it was fantastic to get out there!



I also had my purple reflective jacket on top as I ran, but I was HAWT when I got home so you get this sweaty shot! You’re welcome ; ) The rest of the day was spent tidying up the house with a face mask on, relaxing and watching Love Actually with the dogs sleeping on my legs, and going out for dinner. Ryan’s dad was in town last night and left this morning; a quick trip before Christmas. All in all, it was a great Saturday and I can’t wait for the party today! Recap to come tomorrow : )


Happy Sunday everyone! Let me know in a comment below what you got up to this weekend!

Blogmas Day 16: Reflections During a Dark Run


Last night I went for an evening run after work. I had woken up at 5am yesterday morning, but my bed sucked me back into it’s warm depths. I purposely wore a sports bra and running top to work solely for the fact that I would feel bad changing out of it and into pyjamas if I skipped my run. So, I made my way home and began to think about whether I “should” run or not.

I had every reason to skip yesterday’s run. I slept in. I got home later than usual from work. It’s too dark. It’s too cold. The dogs can’t stay too long without me (wrong – they have been hanging out while we are at work & Ryan comes home on his lunch break, then I am home from work shortly after). Etc. Etc. However, I began to think about the week in workouts I’ve had and my goal of two strength training sessions and three runs. If I skipped this run, I’d have to do a run on Sunday, and I like to have Sundays off. These are the things that swirl around in my head. I decided to JUST DO IT and get out there. Run for ten minutes, then see how you feel. Well luckily my watch doesn’t show total time and only your current pace and distance. And it was dark so I would’ve had to keep pressing the backlight button on my watch. My body warmed up quickly, and I took in my surroundings without any music playing in my ears. In fact, I kept my phone tucked in the pocket of my running tights in case I needed to reach Ryan, and I was off.

I covered 5 miles last night, and in those 47 minutes I reflected on all of the moments of 2017 that really stick out in my head. Turning 25. Celebrating 4 years with the man of my dreams. Embarking on a marathon training program. Crossing the finish line of said marathon. Leaving a job I had been at for 3 years and moving on to something completely different – and loving it! Whale watching. Exploring with Nala. Adopting a rescue puppy (which is technically new, but great nonetheless). There are so many moments in my life that I am so thankful for, and I am especially thankful for everyone who has been there on the journey with me.

During my run last night I thought about family. I thought about friendship. I thought about how a stranger can impact your day in a positive or a negative way. I thought about how people should “just be more kind to each other!” I always say to Ryan, “If everyone was a bit kinder to each other, the world would be a better place.” Perhaps I am overly ambitious or hopeful that we can see that in this lifetime, but I think it is so true. I thought about all the times I ran these streets of my neighbourhood during marathon training. I thought about when I want to start marathon training again. Oh, and which marathon should I run in 2018? Should I train for a marathon again? What if it doesn’t go well? No, it’ll go perfectly. I thought about how I need to practice the art of TRYING instead of “should”ing. I thought about how I don’t want to be the kind of person who SHOULDS everything. “Oh, I should do that, BUT…” Nope. That’s not my style. I’m more of a “she can and she did” kind of gal. I thought about the first time I ran a 32km training run and cried tears of happiness in my ice bath because I felt so, so freaking accomplished. I thought about the marathon again and how that was the cherry on top of a fantastic year. Oh, but wait! Christmas is coming and that’s my favourite time of year!

Yes, Christmas is 9 days away and it’s all very exciting. However, I hope we can all practice gratitude and positivity this holiday season instead of getting caught up in the GIFTS and expensiveness of it all. You know, as much as I love buying gifts for others, I think we should also celebrate the gifts we HAVE year round and spend time with people. Face to face, not at a computer or phone screen. Did you know that when you wake up, you already have a gift? You have a bed. You have a roof over your head. You have a body that can run, jump, climb, play with your kids. You have a heart that beats and aches and LOVES. As I was running home last night I could feel my heart beating in my chest and how, despite the fact that my ears were freezing and my face was red from the cold, I felt so blessed to have the gift of running. I know, I know. You can’t give EVERYONE the gift of running for Christmas. If I could, I would force it on every member of my family and every friend so then I would have ALL the running buddies. No, that’s not what I mean. During my run last night, I thought about how happy I am to have made the choice to start running. Some days I run far. Some days I don’t. Some days I run fast. Some days I run slow. Running allows me to be part of something MUCH bigger than myself. It allows me to continue to strive for those big goals I make for myself, and to simply enjoy it for the fun of it when there’s no big finish lines ahead of me.

Finally, during my run last night I also thought about how happy I am to have this little corner of the world to express my thoughts and share my experiences. While it may not be the most popular blog out there, it is mine and something I am proud of. It is near and dear to my heart! I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my beating, loving heart for being part of my journey this year, and for following along with BLOGMAS! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I will see you for day 17 tomorrow.

Blogmas Day 15: Christmas Crack Recipe


Okay guys. I am sharing a bomb-ass, super easy recipe with you to try this weekend. Introducing…




Yeah. It’s that good. So good you’ll want more, and more, and more. It gets you hooked!


My sister and I laugh about the amount of crack jokes I make whenever we are out and about together. One day we were in the mall looking in LUSH and the store associate was talking about how “at least bath stuff is a good addiction!” and I responded, “Yeah, it could be worse. You could be addicted to crack.” And ever since then we laugh and laugh every time I make a crack reference.


Okay, that’s not festive at all, and drugs are nothing to joke about, but I mean. It’s a little funny. Maybe it’s only funny because it’s an inside joke. Now you all can be part of it too since I let you in on it!


Anyway, let’s get back to Christmas crack. It is ridiculously easy, delicious, not healthy whatsoever (okay, the almonds are health), and it curbs a sweet tooth like no other. All you need to make this delicious concoction are the ingredients up above and a handful of kitchen things, like a bowl, spatula, sauce pan or pot, etc.


  • Melt your white chocolate wafers until they are smooth. I used about half of the bag above.
  • Add the graham cereal, dried cranberries, almond slivers, and chocolate chips together in a large mixing bowl. You’ll need a big one for this!
  • Gradually start pouring in the white chocolate & mix well! Keep on mixin’ until everything is covered.


  • Once it is all mixed together, spread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.



  • This step is optional, but it really kicks up the Christmas spirit. Crush up some candy canes!



Ooh, okay!


  • Then sprinkle it on top!



VOILA! Easy, peasy, Christmas crack! Or, Christmas bark for a more G-rated name. Enjoy!

Blogmas Day 14: Festivities All Around!


Hey everyone!

Happy Friday Eve. 11 days until Christmas. Are you in the spirit yet?

On Tuesday night we had a hot date. It was on the calendar, and I bought everything we needed for date night a week before.

Yep, we built a gingerbread house! FYI that is totally our idea of a date night. Well, mine anyway. Ryan’s idea of the PERFECT date night would be a trip to Home Depot, much to my dismay. I mean, it’s okay this time of year when I can look at all the decorations, but on an average day, looking at lightbulbs is less than thrilling.

So, we made our gingerbread house while listening to Christmas music with the lights of the tree sparkling away. How cheesy is that!? I swear we should have a Christmas movie about ourselves. Or a reality show. I’m pretty sure our ratings would be low because people would realize how ridiculous we are, haha!



The dogs were playing like crazy, so it made trying to decorate the gingerbread house a challenge with them bumping into us and wrestling under the table. Fortunately, they were tuckered out and I was able to catch this cute picture of them! I apologize for the poor quality – it’s from SnapChat! I love how accepting and easy going Nala is. She loves anything that will give her attention! And for Miss Luna, her personality is shining through in a big way. She is so playful with Nala, and then they pass out and cuddle on the couch. It’s the best!

Speaking of the best, you know what’s the BEST? Coming home to surprises! I know. Tuesday I came home to my Essential Rewards package, and yesterday I came home to a prize I won from a Young Living contest on Facebook. I love the Thieves cleaner & how it’s an easy and effective way to clean your house sans-crappy ingredients. It also came with this cute glass bottle & super cute card!



Last night I was craving a run, so it was the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from work. I am still getting over a cold, and I still have an annoying cough and stuffy nose, BUT! It is manageable. I hopped on the treadmill for 4 easy miles, and I felt amazing once it was done. My warm bed sucked me in this morning, but I actually enjoy evening runs so I am going with it for now and doing what feels best for me! Plus, with Luna having to go outside for potty breaks every couple hours throughout the night, I like to get as much sleep as I can!

Post-run I came inside & Ryan made us black bean & sweet potato veggie burgers and salad for dinner. It was a delicious way to refuel post-run, and I made us homemade hot chocolate for dessert! Hot chocolate is a nice treat to have at night, especially while lounging on the couch in front of the Christmas tree watching TV with your boyfriend and the dogs : )


I hope you all enjoy your day & I will catch you tomorrow!