Blogmas Day 2: November Favourites

Christmas socks from Old Navy


Good morning!

How’s it going today?

I wanted to share with you a few of the items I have been loving during the month of November. I have a mix of beauty, lifestyle & home favourites, so hopefully you will find some goodies in here that you might love, too!

1. Tarte Pro Glow Highlighter Palette – This was my go to highlighting in Vegas, and it includes a cooler toned highlighter as well as a few warm ones, as well. I feel like this would look great on all skin tones, and little BONUS: it comes with a cream contour and a bronzer as well!



2. Andalou Naturals eye cream – I love me a good eye cream. This one keeps my under eye area hydrated without feeling soaked in moisturizer, and it lays well underneath concealer and powder.



3. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown – Lately I have been filling in my brows with this pencil. It has a super fine tip and the other end has a wand where you can brush out your brows and ensure all the product is blended in perfectly. I have repurchased this twice and also received a mini one as a sample, so it is definitely a go-to product in my make up bag when I want nice, sharp brows.



4. Young Living Essential Oils – I have been having a ton of fun playing around with my essential oil starter kit. I have made a room spray, a few roll ons, and have been diffusing the Christmas Spirit blend like crazy! With my last order I wanted to include some of their cleaning and home products, so I have been making my way through the toothpaste (been using it every day since I got it, instead of our Crest stuff!) and the laundry soap, just to name a few. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils & purchasing your kit, you can find out more here!



5. The Girls by Emma Cline – Okay, so it was my goal to read a book last month, and unfortunately I have several books on my shelf that have been waiting patiently for their turn to be read. I decided on this one last month, and let me tell you. It is intense. I will have a book review next week for you guys where I dive more in depth to what the story is about, but let me say this for now: young girl. 14. Late 60’s California. Cults. That is all.



6. Christmas home decor – I am definitely in holiday mode, and here is another sneak peek at a few of the holiday-themed items I have in our home! This snow globe was my mom’s (are you seeing a theme here with my Christmas decorations?) and this cute little vintage-style sign is from Winners. Little touches like this are fun ways to add more festive spirit into the home. You can never have enough!



7. Holiday Nog & my favourite Christmas mug – I am such a fan of eggnog, but not a fan of the heavy dairy stuff you find at the grocery store. This is an excellent alternative that I discovered last year, and I was so excited to find it in stores early last month. It is a yummy addition to black teas, and I have been using it instead of the ol’ vanilla almond creamer in my morning coffee. Or, add a splash of rum & some ice and you’re good to go!



8. Fresh Soy Cleanser – My skin is picky. Picky, picky, picky. A product needs to check all of the boxes before I share it on the blog, so I am happy to announce that this one made the cut. It is gentle enough to remove make up (even eye make up & mascara!) without making my skin feel horribly dry and tight after. I use a small pea-sized amount every morning, maybe a little bit more after an extra sweaty workout, and massage it into my skin. Since using this I have noticed the texture of my skin improve, and I have less dry patches around my mouth which was always a concern of mine. My first time using this product was when I received a travel/sample size from Sephora, and I repurchased this in a holiday kit at Sephora that also includes one of their lip treatments.



9. SPIN CLASS! Last month my sister Sarah and I signed up for a spin class at our local rec centre/arena. On Monday after work, I hang out at my fam’s house for a little bit before we head to class and get our sweat on. It has been a great way to switch things up & get a good cross training session in. Every Monday night I find ways to challenge myself a bit more, and I notice that it is paying off in my runs throughout the week which is a huge plus!



10. WHALE WATCHING! Okay, so technically this was in October, but it was near the end of October and I am still super excited about it, so I HAD to include it. Plus, I didn’t do an October favourites so I might as well put it in here, right? You can see my photo diary from our whale watching adventure here. To say it was one of my favourite days would be an understatement ; ) I mean, other than that whole marathon thing.


What are some things YOU loved during the month of November? Anything I NEED to try? I want to know!

A Sunny Saturday + New Reads (Again)

Good morning!

Who is ready for a good day today?

I wanted to share a few tidbits from this past weekend with you guys. As you know, in my last post I chatted about the 8km race I did on Sunday (I use the term “race” loosely as I am not in racing shape right now, har har!), but here’s a few things I wanted to share from Saturday.

It was a beautiful sunny day. That being said, the sun was deceiving (as it tends to be lately) as it was still cold outside! Nala and I got outside in the morning to play in the backyard. By playing I mean me tossing a tennis ball around for her and trying to carefully snap pictures in between. I am still trying to figure out the new camera I purchased, and while it may take me some time to do this, it is always fun to fiddle my way through and get some good shots in the process. Saturday was a rest day for me, though I spent a good chunk of the day walking around the mall and Costco. We were far overdue for a Costco trip, so while Ryan was at work I made my way to Nanaimo. Surprisingly Costco wasn’t as insane as I thought it would be, so that’s always a win!

Another win would be the books that I got (both from Chapters).

In my post about my 2017 resolutions (or GOALS for those who dislike the “R” word), it is a mission of mine to read at least one book per month. There are SO many books to choose from, but as soon as I saw Big Magic I knew it was a sign. I have been looking at this book in every single book store I go to, but for whatever reason never purchased it. However, on Saturday I just had this feeling that I needed it. Obviously something pulled me to it this weekend! If you are a fan of books such as those by Gabrielle Bernstein, Shannon Kaiser, and any spiritual/wellness related books, Big Magic is one to add to the collection. I’m saying this and I haven’t even read it – that’s how you know it’s going to be good! Nevertheless, I have heard amazing things and I am excited to add this to my list. It’ll be up next once I am finished The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein!

The second book is actually a journal. It is a training journal written by Olympic athletes Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas. Inside you will find everything from running workouts, spaces to fill in your goals and reasons why you are setting this goal, and all kinds of tips to keep you running happy, mentally and physically. Of course, there’s tons of space to write in your workouts, and I think this will serve as an amazing tool this year as I train for my first ever marathon on Sunday, October 8th! Plus, I am a huge fan of notebooks and journals. It actually drives Ryan crazy how many random notebooks I have scattered around the house – no, I swear that one is for something ELSE! Girl’s gotta have options, right?

I hope you all enjoy your day! What books are on YOUR must read list? Let me know what you are reading. I would love some more recommendations!  

Five Things Friday: Cozy Fall Edition

Happy Friday party people! We’ve got another round of five favourite things on the blog today. If you missed last week’s round up, I was chatting about my favourite wellness books lately. Be sure to check it out if you need some new reads!
Let’s get into the weekly roundup of favourite things this week.
Nala and I managed to sneak out for some time on the trail when the rain held off long enough. I enjoy this time with her where I can just tune out with a podcast and take in the fall scenery along our route. Plus, it gives us both some exercise and it’s always nice to have a napping puppy after : ) So snuggly!
Every time I see a rainbow it signifies, for me, that my cat Oreo and family dog Malibu are looking over me. Malibu passed away nearly five years ago now, and Oreo (my most favourite cat in the whole entire world) passed away in fall of last year. So, it always puts a smile to my face when I see a rainbow : )
Last weekend was stormy on the island which made for lots of time spent curled up on the couch reading, blogging, and drinking peppermint tea. On Monday I spent a good amount of time on the blog planning and brainstorming new post ideas. This time is always so relaxing for me as I can just get into my zone and start jotting all the ideas down that pop into my head. Since October is #Blogtober here on the blog, I am in the midst of planning out November. Hinty hint: it’s about money. Kind of. Stay tuned for more about that!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix which is a new read, considering when I last read the series this book wasn’t out yet. My goal is to finish the series by Christmas which I think is doable! I am also loving this notebook, as it’s where I write everything down in. All of my to-do lists, blog ideas, brainstorming, notes, and everything else. Even grocery lists!
Candles, candles, candles. I am all about candles, especially in the fall time as it creates such a cozy and inviting environment. The candle on the left is from last year at Home Sense, and the candle on the right is a Himalayan pink salt candle holder where I just use a plain soy wax tealight. I used to be obsessed with Bath & Body Works candles, but do your research people! I’m all about having the wax as natural and organic as it can be, and B&BW just does not fit the bill. Plus, there are too many icky chemicals in there that float up into the air and cause me to sneeze and feel wheezy. Not cute, so soy and beeswax is where it’s at.
What are you loving this week?
Any exciting plans this weekend?

Healthy Morning Habits to Start Now

Does anyone else LOVE mornings? I especially love them on a Sunday or Monday when I have the whole day to myself. Easing into the morning can set the tone for a happier day. Whether you are a late riser or an early riser, I hope you can find a few takeaways from today’s post to help create some more healthy habits. Of course, you don’t have to do these just in the morning. They are all great no matter what time of day they occur! However, some of them are especially effective the morning to get the day started when your body is freshly awake. Let me know in the comments if there are any morning habits you like to do!

1. Hold the phone. One thing that is important in the morning is allowing yourself to wake up on your own terms, without being inundated with social media first thing. I know how tempting it can be to check your phone right away. Trust me, been there all too often! However, I wait until I’ve been up for an hour (give or take) before I finally check social media. It can be so overwhelming for me in the morning to be bombarded with what everyone else is doing, so keeping my phone aside while I am going about my morning business helps me feel more engaged in what I am feeling and doing to get my day started

2. Lemon water, lemon water, lemon water. I LOVE lemon water so much. Lemon water in the morning (especially with warm water) is a gentle way to “detox” your body and flush out any toxins in your system. It kickstarts the digestive system, rehydrates the body, and can help energize you for the day ahead. BUT – that doesn’t mean ditch the coffee. Drink your lemon water first, girl! Hydrate before you caffeinate is my rule of thumb.


3. Get moving – or not. Some people love to exercise in the morning. I am one of those people who enjoy working out in the morning to get my sweat-sesh out of the way, though at the same time I also enjoy working out in the evening to sweat out the day’s stress. That being said, exercising in the morning can help wake you up and aid in better dietary choices throughout the day. On the other hand, some people love starting their morning on a more quiet note: meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on your yoga mat for an hour saying “Omm” one hundred times. I ain’t got time (or the patience) for that. However, even meditating for five minutes can be beneficial at calming your nervous system, clearing your mind, and setting positive intentions for your day. Find what works for you and go with it!


4. Journal or read. I am a book lover at heart (maybe that’s why I enjoy blogging so much!) and whether you are reading a biography, a fantasty novel (Harry Potter say heyyyy whaaat), or writing in your journal, the act of reading and writing can not only be therapeutic, but it can also help reinvigorate your mind. Waking up with an interesting article is a nice way to pass time as you’re having your morning lemon water, too!


5. Eat breakfast. If you aren’t a big fan of breakfast foods, eat something. If you think about it, you wouldn’t drive your car without putting gas in it, right? So why would you start your day without fueling your body? My go-to breakfast is oatmeal, though I have been switching it up lately with eggs and berries a few times per week when I want some more protein in the morning. Not interested in cooking in the morning? There are tons of yummy recipes out there for healthy breakfast cookies and muffins, that way you can grab, go, and be on your way. Alternatively, a smoothie is another great way to get some nutrients into the system! Having breakfast ensures that your brain and body have the nutrients required to perform at it’s best.

Now, off to get my coffee! Have a fantastic day everyone : )