Healthy Hacks: Making the Time

The number one thing I hear people say when it comes to why they don’t exercise is because they “don’t have the time.”

Here’s the thing. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we spend it that makes the difference.

Think about it. Beyonce has 24 hours in her day. Barack Obama has 24 hours in his day. The person who you see out running and working out all the time has the same 24 hours. So why can they do it all and you can’t?

The difference between someone who does it all and someone who wants to do it all is that the person who is taking actionable steps to changing their life is MAKING THE TIME to make it happen.


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there’s no secret formula or trick. Healthy living is not a one time thing. There’s no pill, no shake, no cleanse or diet you can go on for one week and suddenly be a different person forever. Instead of FIGHTING the new and fighting the change, think about BUILDING the new and building those healthy habits. Maybe this means waking up early in the morning to get a workout in before the work day begins, or perhaps it’s a matter of fitting in a quick workout or a bit of meal prep when you have half an hour of downtime. “Oh, but I could sit on the couch and watch my favourite show.” Yes, you could, and that’s great if you want to do that. However, if you are going to kick yourself for sitting there watching TV when you could’ve snuck in a run or a workout, then that’s up to you to decide which is more important.

One thing that’s for certain is that there is a level of sacrifice when it comes to making a positive lifestyle change. Aside from the obvious sacrifices, like cutting back on processed food and sugar (which, I believe everyone should do), you may have to sacrifice staying out for another couple drinks with friends if it means having a good sleep before your busy day the next day, or your early workout class that you’ve signed up for. When I was marathon training, long runs were a huge part of my weekly routine. Instead of being upset that I had to wake up early to get it done on a Monday morning, it simply became part of my life. Eventually all of these little changes compile on one another and soon enough you have formed new habits and these positive changes are all second nature. Every little bit counts.

I will leave you with this: I can assure you that it IS possible to make the time. It may not be easy, but it certainly is worth it!

Let’s Chat Motivation


We have all been there. New work out clothes, new work out plan, ready to crush our fitness goals, and then the motivation disappears.

I know I have experienced my fair share of motivation crashes. I think for anyone on a fitness or lifestyle-change journey it’s bound to happen. However, what is most important is recognizing that it happens to all of us. Yep! You aren’t going to motivated 24/7, and that’s okay. For me, acknowledging that motivation comes and goes was instrumental in flipping that thought in my head that I always had to be motivated. The trick is to pull yourself out of that slump before you get too far in and start to lose all of your hard work (and even if you do, guess what? You dust yourself off and start again).

In order to stay motivated you have to have a fire lit within. What DRIVES you to get up and workout every day? What drives you to do anything? Sure, you have to go to work because life ain’t free, but when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, it really is easier to eat garbage and sit on the couch. Sitting is an easy activity that is hurting us every single day for the simple fact that we sit TOO MUCH! This is when we have to make a choice: take the easy way out or keep moving forward. It is up to YOU (not your trainer or coach, significant other, friend, etc) to make that choice day in and day out.

When it comes to being motivated, getting started is often the hardest part. Then once you get moving things feel a bit easier. Sure, the fire will dim and seem like it’s burning out, but then it’ll catch a spark and ignite again. What it comes down to is our choices. Isn’t that what everything in life is about? Seems like it, anyway. We can either choose to stay in our comfort zone or we can choose better ourselves and grow. If we don’t grow, we stay stagnant, and we are made to move! After all, we are not trees rooted in one spot : )

A few things I like to do to boost my motivation:

  • Change of scenery. Head to the track if you want to get your cardio in instead of using the elliptical, bike, or running your same route. Getting outside will also boost your mood!
  • Review your training journal (if you don’t keep one, it is a great idea to keep yourself accountable & on track!) to see how far you’ve come.
  • Have a cup of coffee & get yourself out the door.
  • Tell a friend. Chances are they will tell you to just do it.
  • ENLIST a friend. This will help you stay accountable!
  • Suck it up. It might be a pain to get the workout done, but I will feel 1000x better when it’s done and my motivation to keep that going will continue. Sometimes all it takes is ONE workout to light the fire again!
  • Remember: You are one workout away from a good mood!

What do you do to keep the motivation train rolling!? Share a tip in the comments.


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What Goes Into a Blog Post?

Hey, hey, everyone! I am kicking off the day with a little bit of insight as to how I make a blog post.
This is just a very simple infographic, though I wanted to get into some more details as it’s a lot more than snapping a few pictures, writing a bunch of stuff & callin’ it a day.
So, here’s (generally) what I do!
 1. BRAINSTORM! This is so, so important for me to get those creative juices flowing. The other night I was sitting at the table with a glass of wine with no idea what to write about. It wasn’t until I started putting pen to paper that things started to happen. In my notebook I try to elaborate on each subject as much as possible and jot down key points that I want to talk about. You can imagine how full my notebook is with all the Blogtober posts!
2. Photos. This is the hardest part for me as I struggle taking pictures just on my iPhone. Sure, the quality is okay, but it’s not as great as I would like it to me. So, my next step is investing in a good camera that will allow me to take crisp, concise photos. Depending on the blog post I am writing, sometimes I will take a couple hours on a day off to set up all of my props and items that I’m taking pictures of. Then, it’s time to edit and upload to the computer!
3. The writing. The fun part! Now I grab my notebook and put my keyboard to good use. If I have brainstormed my blog post ahead of time it is generally pretty easy to get a post done. However, you also have to incorporate pictures in there to disburse the copy and revise, revise, revise! I hate spelling mistakes, so this is MAJOR for me. Grammar police!
4. Now it’s time to make the post published to the world. I will revise one more time around, preview my blog post and how it looks on my website before hitting publish. If I have several posts ready to go, I will schedule them on different days to make sure I have content spread out and organized for the coming days.
5. Last step is to utilize my social media accounts to get my post out there. I have just recently started pinning my blog posts, and they are always posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and I post on Instagram daily ; )
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! It is something a little bit different, but I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little bit of background info on how things go behind the laptop. Have a great weekend!

Marathon Training Day ONE!

Good morning!

Today is now day two of marathon training, but I wanted to recap the first day, which was yesterday. We had a busy weekend of wedding events (as you would already know if you read yesterday’s post), so yesterday was spent mostly hanging around the house, getting a few chores done, and prepping for the week ahead. Yesterday also marked the first day of marathon training!

I have been looking for a plan for a while now, and up until yesterday was just running based on my own little “plan,” which was actually no plan at all. I gradually increased my mileage, got some good long runs in, and basically built my base from January up until now. Fortunately they have training plans on the marathon’s website, so I looked to that when decided on which plan I wanted to use. It has two rest days, which I am already doing, and I am switching my rest days and long run days to accommodate my current schedule.

My rest days will continue to be Friday and Sundays, with my long run on Saturday. One thing that is different in this plan is that I am running four days per week instead of five. This will give me the opportunity to do more cross training, as I have definitely slipped on that front these last five months. Cross training gives your body the chance to have a bit of a break from running and work muscles that you may not necessarily use while running. Examples of cross training would be cycling or spinning, hiking, walking, swimming, strength training, yoga, etc. I am excited to add more cross training into my life as I know it is so beneficial for training, especially the strength training & yoga!

So I am starting at week 20, and my Tuesday runs will happen on Monday & then the schedule adjusted from there. While the plan says to do walk/run intervals, I typically train running ONLY, unless it is a super hilly course then I will take a walking break if needed, so 30 minutes running it was. This brought me to about 3.22 miles at 9:05 pace, which is my marathon pace. Or, so far it is. We will see how things progress.

One thing I have noticed is that with this training plan, my mileage will be lower than what I am currently running. Right now I average between 30-40 miles per week as my schedule allows. For example, last week I ran 30 miles amongst all the wedding activities. April was a big month for me in running as I hit 42 miles, but I know that I will not be running that much in the beginning of my marathon training. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see how the plan will go and how my body will respond to the combination of running and cross training.

Here we go! October 8th, I’m coming for you!

Have a great day everyone!