Plant Babies & Ab Workouts


Good morning!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Do you have that stuck in your head yet?


I wanted to kick off the morning with an ab workout that I did last night that left me sore right after I finished. It is from a fellow blogger, Madeline, of Madeline Moves. She always has amazing workouts that are quick and effective, and I find myself using her moves in my home workout routine. Not only that, but she is a runner as well, and posted a great article last month about balancing strength training with running. I believe that is something all runners should do, and I am definitely trying to make a better effort!

After my full body workout yesterday I completed this ab circuit. You can also do it after other workouts, before strength training, etc. Whatever works best for you! Note: I apologize for the poor photo quality! I did a screenshot from her website & when I increased the size it threw everything off. You get the idea though ; )


Speaking of training, I haven’t ran since Saturday. Saturday was a BIG running day for me. 16km of lots and lots of HILLS. I think the hills aggravated my ankle, because come Sunday morning it hurt to walk on it. There has been a pinching feeling in the back of my ankle for a couple weeks now, but it only came about when I was laying down and first stepping on the ground or after doing hilly runs. As much as it pained me to take some time away from running, I thought it would be SMART to rest. What’s smartest usually isn’t what I WANT to do when it comes to running, but I do not want any injuries! I had a visit with my athletic therapist on Valentine’s Day (#romance) and she gave me the clear to run, but to do so on flat terrain and keep things EASY. Ah, easy. I love easy, but I love getting faster, too! So, I will return to running this weekend and continue to do the stretches she prescribed for me. Oh, and I will be strength training, too!


Now, rewind to Family Day on Monday. In British Columbia we have a holiday called Family Day, and it is a statutory holiday, so Ryan and I did not have to go to work. We spent the day repotting some plants in the beautiful sunshine! It was awesome. The dogs loved being outside all day, I loved the Vitamin D and plants, and Ryan loved being outside together. It was a win, win, win, for everyone.



We had the tunes going, coffee in our travel mugs, and we were layered up because despite the bright sun, it was still chilly outside. I found this adorable pot that I couldn’t NOT buy, and I planted a few mini succulents (oh, so cute!) and had to add some crystals in there for high vibes. Ryan laughed when he saw me walk outside with my handful of crystals, but it was a very Holly thing to do, if I do say so myself.


Ryan found this super cool tall planter which we put our snake plant in. Well, separated the snake plant since it’s offshoots were outgrowing the previous pot. So, he was in charge of that one and I did the rest. Then I sat on our cedar bench, drank my coffee, and connected with some bad ass women that will be featured on the blog (first one next Wednesday).



It was such a fulfilling afternoon that left my soul feeling happy. You know those days where you have nothing planned, and yet they end up being so full of great things? That’s what Monday was. Actually, this whole week has been pretty darn good! Last week I found myself going through a quarter-life crisis kind of thing. I mean, I didn’t shave my head and skip town and max out my credit card or anything, but I think it’s pretty normal to feel that way when you’re 25. While I may not have my whole entire life figured out (I know where I’m heading but it’s a matter of being patient), I am kind of loving where I am right now and I think it all comes to being grateful. Gratitude is the best attitude, after all! Sometimes all you need to do is get outside, get your hands dirty & sit in the sun in order to feel how much light you are truly surrounded by.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! : )

HIIT + Strength Workout & Life Update


Hey everyone!

Long time, no blog. Ten days to be exact.

How have the last ten days been for you guys? They have been BUSY for me, and I wanted to pop in on the ol’ blog and let you know what’s been going on.

So, first and foremost, I left my position with the bank. I am not going to go into details online because I know some people from my previous workplace read my blog, and I don’t think it is proper to dive into the nitty gritty online. BUT – that being said, I have taken on another position that is so much less stress and I am feeling a lot HAPPIER where I am now. That’s the whole point, right? In life, in your work, in your relationships, in your thoughts.

Speaking of relationships, Ryan and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We went to a cute little bistro in Nanaimo, and we have MORE celebrations this weekend! I am super excited and will update you guys next week on what’s to come.

Otherwise, on the running front things have been going well. I have ran three times now since the marathon, and I have kept my running easy and at a conversational pace. While I LOVE running, I have also loved switching things up. Yoga and strength training have been my go-to’s when I’m not running, and this evening I got creative and made up a high intensity interval training workout that incorporates cardio to boost the heart rate and strength training. Of course, I wanted to share it with you all! My arms and legs are feeling it already… but that’s probably because I haven’t done a workout like this in a while. Let’s be honest, haha!



You will need a set of dumbbells (or two depending on how heavy you want to lift!). I have dumbbells that are interchangeable, but I used the same weight for all workouts.

Note: You do not have to use a weight for the exercises marked with a * and workouts marked with a ! you can add weight if you’d like!

Alternating Bicep Curls x 12

*Squat Jumps x 12

Repeat three times

Shoulder Press x 10

Tricep kickbacks x 10

*Jumping jacks x 15

Repeat three times

Deadlift x 12

Row x 12

*Mountain Climbers x 12

Repeat three times

*Push ups x 10

! Lunges x 10 on each leg

Repeat three times

! Glute Bridges x 10

*Lower-ab crunches x 10

*Leg circles (for abs – pilates move!) 10 in each direction

Repeat three times

Note: You can do all the exercises as one circuit & repeat three times, or repeat each mini circuit three times individually, which is what I did.

Be sure to use a weight that is comfortably challenging for you (is that even a thing? Ha!). You want to make sure you can complete each exercise without sacrificing your form. Please, no flinging the weights around!



Let me know in a comment below what YOUR favourite kind of workout is : ) Have a great night everyone!

Track Thursday & River Adventures



So, as you could probably tell I did not have my poop together yesterday & thus no blog post was posted for Thursday. Ah, sorry about that! I am back to it this morning & I wanted to recap my track workout from yesterday.

Yep, remember my last track workout? The one where I pulled my groin??? I did that same workout today, and I’m happy to report no groin muscles were injured in the process.

The workout is a 2 mile warm up, 4 laps of the track sprinting on the straightaways and recovering on the curves, then another 2 mile cool down.

I admit that I was nervous going into this workout again. There is something about the TRACK that is intimidating. Does anyone else feel that way? I don’t know if it’s because I psych myself out, or say I can’t do it, negative self talk, etc. Whatever it is, it didn’t help how I felt going to bed on Wednesday night. I even thought about taking the workout to the treadmill, but really. What is there to fear? I was getting in my own head. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was a bit nervous still, but I ended up having a REALLY great workout and even had negative splits (when the latter part of your workout is faster than the first. So in a 10km race, if you “negative split” that means you ran the second 5km faster than the first).

Warm up splits: 9:40, 9:35

The actual mile lap itself: 8:16

Cool down: 9:23, 9:06

The workout went by FAST and by the time I finished, I was the last gal at the track : ) Surprisingly there’s quite a few people there at 6am, but you gotta get there early to beat the heat!


Pretty sky post run!

After my run I drove home to stretch and get ready for the work day. Ryan is on holidays right now (he had been fishing this week), so when I came home for lunch he was home hanging out with Nala. We were trying to decide what to do Thursday evening, and so we decided to go to the river!

The river is only a 15 minute walk from our house, and Nala LOVED being outside on the trail. Usually she is not much of a swimmer, but she actually went in and SWAM tonight! Proud dog mom over here. We would throw sticks in and she would jump in, of course losing the sticks, but would paddle around in circles before coming back to us. Both Ryan and I went in to about waist-height, and Nala would swim towards us, chomping on water as she went. Life truly is better with a dog! ; )


Such a peaceful place : ) Anyone else out there LOVE the water? I grew up with a pool in my backyard and would always go to the lake, beach, and river with my cousins. The water holds a special place in my heart!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! It’s a long weekend, so be sure to enjoy every last second of it. See ya next week!

WORKOUT! Upper Body Blast Workout

Good morning!
So, home workouts. I love them, how about you guys? I actually have not been to the actual gym in months, because I have been doing my own thing at home. Home workouts are super convenient, and a huge bonus is that you do not have to purchase a gym membership! I’m all about saving that cash money.
If you are looking for a good upper body workout then I would highly recommend giving this one a shot! Added bonus: you only need a pair of free-weights (or dumbbells). I have been adding this into my routine about two times per week after my shorter runs, or I will sneak it in after work. It doesn’t take all day, and the minimal equipment is a plus, too!

Modify the exercises if you need to. I took a 30 second to one minute break in between each exercise before moving onto the next one. Once all exercises are completed, take a water break and do ’em again!

I hope you enjoy the workout! Let me know in the comments what YOUR current favourite workout is right now : )