Sweating Candy, Sunny Seven & Paris

After Monday’s unplanned run/walk/weights workout, I was left feeling a little discouraged. I know I can’t control everything when it comes to running, but I was looking forward to bustin’ out at least 8 miles & I definitely didn’t get that far. Anyway, yesterday was a “rest” day (although I didn’t need to rest much after Monday) where Brandon and I basically walked around the mall for two hours, ate candy, and then came home and ate more candy. Seems like a good idea, right? As well as candy, I also bought some new running socks yesterday. OOOH, you know what that means!
When I woke up at 7 this morning (later than I wanted to, but I don’t believe in an alarm clock as of late, or so it seems), I immediately put a pair of my brand spankin’ new socks on, hoping it would inspire me to, you know, maybe put the rest of my running clothes on and get my butt out the door. Half a cup of coffee (darn you, Brandon!) and a bowl of oatmeal (and some Pinterest/Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Blog creepin’) later, I was out the door in the sunshine. I headed off to my favourite golf course loop, actually the only one I know, and got my sweat on.

It was BUSY at the golf course today! I don’t know if it was the 9AM sunshine or what, but walkers, runners, and stroller pushers (that like to stop in the middle of the trail) were out in full force this morning. I was happy to see so many runners out there! It’s sort of a weird language runners speak. You pass each other once, twice, etc. etc. and just give each other that look. The look that says, “Hey, we’ve passed five times in the last hour.. Man, we’re good!” Or the look that says, “Nice job.” OR the one that says, “You’re shirt is right.” For your knowledge, I was wearing a running short courtesy of Skinny Runner that said, “I run to look good.” It’s okay to be vain sometimes, right? All jokes aside, it was a good day for a run & I am glad to have escaped my funk. I’m also 99% sure that I was sweating sugar today from yesterday’s junk food fest. A little candy between fruits and veggies is okay though, right? It’s all about balance, folks!

And I leave you with my favourite song from my run today. Actually, it’s always my favourite & I’m pretty sure it drives Brandon crazy when I play it on repeat in his car. Sorry, but you have a great sound system and I know (almost) all the words.
PS. Did you know I saw Jay-Z & Kanye West live during their Watch the Throne Tour?
“It’s a glorious occasion!”

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day. Whether I’m running or just hanging out at home on a rest day, I almost always have oatmeal for breakfast. The only exceptions: if I am out for breakfast, at a friend’s house, and sometimes if I visit the island and there is no oatmeal on hand (which is rare because my parents stock up on the Holly essentials!). However, I  wanted to share with you some breakfast ideas I found that also correspond with a goal. These goals include losing weight, maintaining heart health, getting that fibre in, convenience, etc. Plus I love breakfast for dinner, so these are good ideas too!

Coffee, coffee, coffee. This is a crucial part of my breakfast, too.
Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every morning? Any great breakfast recipes/ideas?

Challenging Yourself, 100 Miles & A New Goal

100 Miles for the Month of March = COMPLETED.
I am proud of myself for completing 100 miles this month. Yes, I’ll keep saying it over and over again until I reach 200 (or 110 would be nice too). I looked on my DailyMile profile and noticed that my running mileage (not including walking) was 98 after my 6.1 mile run today. Being the overachiever that I am (I was already at 117 miles with walking + running combined), I headed outside for the missing 2 miles. Goal completed before noon, and I had enough time left in the day to grab some groceries & candy after meeting my friend Lauren at the skytrain station. Although you could say the candy was indulgent, I considered it a vital component of our catch-up time & movie watching. He’s Just Not That Into You and Sex & the City (1 & 2) were on the agenda today – plus some salads and coffee, coffee, coffee. Caffeine brings friends together!
Here’s my workout of the day:

Note: I also did some basic standing oblique bends. 31 days of core work equals a definite habit. Fun Fact: It takes 21 days to form a habit. I got into the running habit as well. Although I don’t do it every single day – although there was a time when I refused to not take a rest day, but I have quickly learned that they are SO beneficial for your training & recovery – my routine is thrown off if I’m not up and running on a fairly regular basis. However, that being said, tomorrow is a rest day beside some light walking & core work in the evening. I am blogging with a guest by my side and figure it’s not polite to wake her up in the morning with the sound of me thumping around on the treadmill. Nice sight on a Sunday morning, yes?

April Goals:
– One minute plank every day next month
Vancouver Sun Run 10K (April 15th)

Crazy Underground Garages, 92 Miles & Hydration

I am unleashing my inner crazy with this 100 miles of March challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the week. What am I at right now? 92. Hell yeah! I am excited that I have a) ran so much this month and b) pushed myself to really achieve this goal. Just when you thought I reached the bottom of my craziness (which some people may define as running for fun in the first place), I shoot for the crazy underground garage that is triple digit numbers in a month. Maybe it will be 101 in April. I am sticking to (crazy) eights to get me through to the end of this 100 mile challenge. It seems to be doing the trick, anyway!
Here’s my workout today:

I fueled with the same PowerBar gel I did yesterday. I am still not a huge fan of the after taste, but the burst of sweetness when you first taste it is nice, at least!

Now, moving on to more important things:

Do you have a set amount of water you drink everyday?
I personally aim for 3L of water every day. This is pretty easy for me because of running & hydrating after, but sometimes it is hard (like hydrating during the work day, for instance). I find that three is a good number for me, though, and I also bring in other liquids throughout the day, like green tea & my beloved coffee. I tried (keyword: tried) to kick the coffee habit, but it is far too hard when you actually enjoy it. Or maybe that’s the caffeine addiction talking. Anyway, my water intake varies, but the minimum that works well for my body is 3L a day. That’s a lot of water!
Do you drink a lot of water? How much?
Which other liquids do you drink daily?