Positive Thinking, Lunch & My Next Read

My positive thought of the moment: Yes, your abs will soon NOT be sore & you’ll be able to comfortably do ab work again… Not on a Bosu ball, mind you, for a while.
Let’s talk about positive thinking, shall we?
  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
So how does it work? Positive thinking is said to help one cope with stressful situations better. It is also thought that positive people lead healthier lifestyles, which includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. They also don’t drink alcohol or use drugs in excess. Researchers are still exploring the benefits of positive thinking, but it sure helps your well-being if you aren’t in grouch-mode!
…Which is why I am happy 95% of the time. The other 5% is when I am hungry and/or sleepy (which for me is not a very good combination considering my activity level and the fact that I need fuel AND sleep to drive my workouts and running). People will ask me why I am so happy. Really, it is just easier to be nice to others. I personally find being mean exhausting, because that’s not who I am. The world needs more nice people!
On to lunch!
In the mix: chickpeas, cucumber, spinach, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrot & celery. I made my own dressing with raspberry vinegar, extra virgin olive oil & a “balsamic” spice blend that was hangin’ out on the kitchen. It was super delicious! I also had an iced coffee with soy for an afternoon perk up.
Then to end lunch, I had made a delicious fruit and yogurt snack last night. Only, I packed it in the same container I put my leftover chickpeas in aaaaaand… I ended up taking the chickpeas to work instead. So, when I got home I had my snack. Blueberry Activia yogurt, chopped cantaloupe, kiwi & chia seeds sprinkled on top. Yeah, that’s more like it!
Lately I have been trying to get more into reading. I used to read quite often, but I find myself reading a LOT for a short period of time (as in having my nose buried in a book for hours on end) to zero reading at all. One of my favourite books is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It is a weird book, and I suppose that’s why I like it. There is also a ton of great quotes in it (And in that moment, I swear we were infinite), and every time I read it I notice something I never did before. It’s a book that makes you think, and it’s all about the life of a twisted and weird 15 year old boy named Charlie going through high school.
Anyway, my mom has been reading that one book that has a lot of sex in it and is really popular right now and is part of a series and is rumored to be the next big movie trilogy and there is this guy named Christian in it and it’s about some kinda dominant/submissive relationship and I read half a chapter of it in Chapters a while ago and yeah. If you haven’t guessed, it’s….
50 Shades of Grey
Alright, well we’ll see how this book is. I am not usually one to read books that have tons of hype around them, because once everyone starts talking about it, there’s no surprise when you read it yourself ’cause everyone has spoiled it. Anyway, my mom just finished it. “It’s yours if you want to start reading it!”

It’s Been a While!

Back in action! It has been weeks and weeks since I last posted. To be honest, I’ve thought about the blog almost every day, but I never know what to write. That is mainly because for the past two-ish weeks I have done barely any exercise, or anything intense and of note. Anyway, I’m ready to get back on track!
So, I went to a spin & core class on Friday night. My abs are on FIRE still! We used a Bosu ball to do planks, crunches/sit ups and various other balancing poses. It was hard, but it was definitely a good challenge. Then yesterday after work I ran 4 miles, and I ran 4 miles again this morning and did some foam rolling. Ahh, running. How I missed you!
The picture above was my breakfast this morning: Buckwheat pancake (I used approx 1/3 cup buckwheat pancake batter with 3 tbsp. egg whites, 2 tbsp. almond milk, cinnamon & chia seeds). Then, I topped it off with just about a tbsp. of natural peanut butter, a sliced banana & a drizzle of syrup. Egg whites on the side for extra protein!
Oh, and my new favourite drink in the morning (besides the usual 1L of water) is homemade iced coffee with lots of almond milk. I’m one of those coffee drinkers who would rather have more milk instead of sugar (unless it’s a sugar free flavoring like in a latte or specialty coffee drink). I tried to drink tea in the morning instead of coffee (and granted I don’t drink coffee every morning anymore since I’m not a huge fan of the coffee my mom buys… AHEM. Just kidding. That just means I buy a lot of coffee when I’m at work), but I just can’t give it up. And that was a really awkward sentence with all those interruptions. Anyway.

My goal tonight is to do some yoga. I used to do it quite frequently, but I always go through phases where I’m like, “Yay, yoga is my best friend!” and then I stop it almost completely and have a love affair with running for months on end. I’m pretty bad with cross training, but lately I have to admit that I’m getting a lot better. Sometimes I will take a break from running to do something else, and it makes me love running that much more.
Anyway, I may have to have a date with Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown tonight. Or YouTube videos. Or my bed. We’ll see which one wins.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Some Pros & Cons of Running & Reserving Bananas

1. Today was the first day I ran since Saturday. Sometimes I like to take little mini breaks & focus on other exercises, like strength training, the elliptical & most recently, kayaking. My parents purchased two kayaks the other day, and they are a blast! A great workout, too. However, I missed my usual running, so naturally I had to bust out a couple (well, five to be specific) miles today.
2. Self explanatory. And I’ve been doing 50 squats every day for the past like, four days now. Ooh yeah.
3. Running is a great way to clear your head. However, running in a new area or even a familiar area reminds me that there’s a lot more out there in the world. Crappy day at work? Go for a run & admire all that surrounds you. “Think of the beauty that’s all around you, and be happy!” – Anne Frank
4. Vaseline is a runner’s best friend. Or BodyGlide or any of those lubricating products. Don’t want chaffed nipples after a race? Vaseline that shit. Sorry, someone had to say it. It also works great on your feet – a tad bit slippery inside of your socks, but you’ll have zero blisters and less wear and tear on your feet when you cross the finish line. And safe nipples. Important!

I reserved a banana (quite literally) for a smoothie I wanted to make, and then my mom came home with a giant bunch of bananas. Oopsies.

Our new toys! My friend Lauren & I are taking these bad boys out on the water tomorrow. Woohoo!

And some food! I made a veggie wrap with chipotle mango dressing, and then a side salad which consisted of spinach, celery, carrots, chickpeas, tomato, feta cheese & a lemon dill seasoning on top. So good, so filling!
Off to make some dinner! Sarah & I picked up Starbucks for the family tonight and now that I have some espresso in my system, my body is awake and realizes it wants some food.

Tequila, Indulgent Desserts & PTFO-ing

The other day my sister and I went into Nanaimo, and I found this gem. I’m sure twenty years old is a little old to be wearing clothing about childhood toys, buuut… How can you pass up a Barbie shirt, especially when it’s a BARBIE YACHT CLUB shirt!? I feel so elite and fancy. Don’t tell Ken, because I’m pretty sure he was kicked out & I swooped in.

And an indulgent night of tequila, junk food, and then dessert the next day. Let’s just say that I was full to the brim & didn’t really want to move after having lunch and sharing two desserts. Do any of you feel food guilt? I did at first after eating this, I admit. However, I shook that feeling because really. I don’t eat like this all the time, and it was a cheesecake that I had never had before. Good enough reason, right? Fortunately, I did go run! I ran a quick 3.1 miles (5K for all of you Canadian folk like myself, only I like to count distance in miles…) fueled by cheesecake and creme brulee. If only I could eat like that all the time without the guilt & the giant food baby.

Then yesterday I went to the beach with my mom. She had a meeting there, and I hung out in the sunshine and read magazines. And then it got cold, my butt started to hurt, complain complain complain, so I sat in the car & waited for her. Then we went home. And then I ran. Woohoo!

Now I’m at home, still wearing this dress (shocking, considering it’s always pajama time as soon as I’m done my events of the day). Only now I’m wearing lime green fuzzy socks & wrapped in a blanket. Thank you, family, for saying I’m dorky. I think I know this already!
Anyway, we went out for lunch with my cousin and aunt in Victoria. That’s the extent of my fun and exciting adventures today. Oh yeah, I had a nap on the way home too. Being warm + a full belly = sleep in my world.
I’m waiting until tonight again to go for a run. I actually like running in the evening because it’s less busy on the roads, plus it is a lot cooler! What to do in the mean time?