Being a Yoga Noodle, Clean Eating Reading Material & Stickin’ to the Plan

So, I ran today. What a surprise, right? The more the morning dragged on (hi, I’m lazy sometimes!), the more I kept on thinking, “I need to get my run in!” I have been trying to be diligent about following my half marathon #2 plan that I created in history class. Time well spent, of course. I even added little boxes beside each activity that I can check off once it is completed. Tip: This is a good way of staying accountable! Planning your work outs is super effective if you are crunched on time and need to fit in a workout (which I believe everyone does, FYI!), plus having a schedule to follow keeps you in a healthy routine.
I started my morning with ten minutes of yoga. I flowed through several variations of sun salutations. I have especially been focusing on yoga training right now as I want to stay injury free through my running. There are tons of great videos out there (Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt Down is one of my favourites), and the YouTube yoga guru Tara Stiles is great as well!
Then, when I came home from my run (and the grocery store. We were out of bananas – NOOO!), I did another 20 minutes of yoga via two of Tara Stiles’ videos online. I have been doing a lot of hamstring stretches to maintain my flexibility, as well as hip opening stretches. As a runner, hip injuries are unfortunately very common, and I want to ward them off by keeping my muscles in tip top shape through yoga (and strength training, of course).
So, what else have I been up to? Here is my life lately (kind of), through pictures!

Blue pants & boat shoes make for a comfortable and trendy Spring/Summer outfit. The best thing about these shoes is that they are comfortable. I have been putting a little dab of Vaseline on my feet (I got hooked after doing it during the half marathon) to keep them from rubbing and potentially causing blisters. I’m sure there are more glamorous ways of preventing this (hm, maybe a cross training shoe, but where’s the fun in that? Exactly), but these shoes were love at first sight!

Lunch! Homemade salmon burger (I cooked a serving of salmon with garlic salt & pepper and lemon dill seasoning until it was flaky. The bun is a President’s Choice Blue Menu sandwich thin – I like less bun with my burgers!) with roasted zucchinni, broccoli, steamed peas and carrots, and regular ol’ carrot sticks on the side. The great thing about this meal is it was flavorful and filling, not to mention healthy!

Neon pink sandals + nude toenails. I actually really like this combination of neutrals and neon! These shoes were a pain though – literally – the skin under the edge of the toe strap started to rub and became very painful. Why did I not Vaseline there!? Stupid, stupid.

I found this book at Chapters in the bargain section. It was a steal at $6.99! I know the importance of eating clean, and as I flipped through the book, I was interested in all the other tid bits and information inside. So, I decided I could spare some $$$ and have a copy of my own. So far it has been interesting! I will do a book review on this once I am finished.
An example of some topics this book covers: Hydration, the importance of breakfast, clean eating to-go, ordering out, Q&A, recipes, and tons of other stuff! I am looking forward to sharing some info!

Last but not least, my favourite part of the day – running. It was a gorgeous day outside & the trails weren’t too busy, which I like. Call me selfish, but I like to have the whole path to myself so I can zig zag and back track and run up and down hills as many times as I want without looking like a crazy fool as I pass the same people. I took it easy on running today – my average pace per mile was 8:34, pretty steady since it wasn’t a tempo run or anything (nope, that’s Monday!). Anyway, I have 7 miles scheduled for tomorrow, so I didn’t want to kill my legs before my first “long run” of this training cycle.
OKAY! I hope you guys had a great day, and I will see you tomorrow!
Eat well & sweat lots (like live long and prosper… Maybe it will catch on. I’m thinking not though)!

Let’s Get Physical, Physical! And I Like Running (Duh)

“Let’s get physical, physical. I wanna get physical, physical!”
So, get physical, I did! After lounging on the couch for the majority of the morning (until 11 anyway), I decided it was about time to soak up some vitamin D & get my run on outside. I drove to my favourite golf course (or rather, the only golf course I know of around me) and ran the 1.6 mile loop a couple times. However, this time I turned around and covered my tracks again to get the extra distance. People probably wondered why the crazy girl decked out in pink kept running by them. I can’t possibly go up the hill with a 3.99 mile – I like things to be even! I completed 5 miles and then came home to get my stretch on:
Yesterday in class I actually made my half marathon #2 training plan. What else is there to do when the teacher is comparing orgasms and wet dreams to the feeling you get when buying a book? SERIOUSLY. I don’t understand how that has anything to do with costume history, but he’s the teacher & I guess he knows all.
Anyway, I tried to have at least 3 solid days of productive runs. As in, a tempo run, a long run & some easy miles to keep me on my feet. I also added in some rest days (at least one a week), strength training and lots of yoga. I have been into yoga lately, and I find it’s helping with my running. I have just over a month until the Scotiabank half marathon, so my long runs will be starting (almost) right away. Ah, it feels good to be back in training mode!
And some running inspiration (because I don’t talk about running enough):
Seriously amazing!
‎When you see runners in town it’s easy to distinguish beginners from veterans. The ones panting are beginners; the ones with quiet, measured breathing are the veterans. Their hearts, lost in thought, slowly tick away time. When we pass each other on the road, we listen to the rhythm of each other’s breathing, and sense the way the other person is ticking away the moments.
Haruki Murakami
P.S. I am taking my CPR level C & Emergency First-Aid certifications. Hmm, I wonder what this is for… Probablynothingtodowithhealthandfitnessorteachinggroupfitnessclassesandpersonaltrainingwhatwhat.


Pilates & Park Adventures

Gorgeous sunny day! After I was finished work, Brandon & I headed off to Queen Elizabeth Park to get some sun. He told me about this park that had exotic birds, but I didn’t know which one he was talking about. After driving to McDonalds for our iced coffees (only a dollar all summer (I hope you sang that in your head, too)!), we headed to the park in the sunshine. It was so much fun! Here are 9 of 72 pictures I took. Overboard? Maybe.

Gorgeous views!

I thought it would be fun to play with the self timer setting on my camera. Multiple pictures ensued.

…And then this accidental one happened when Brandon was trying to find the best height to set the camera at. We settled on a nearby planter, and Brandon caught me waving for attention. “Are you ready yet? I think it’s good now!” Typical Holly.
Just kidding 🙂

Thank you to the kind girl who offered to take our picture. I’m sure you don’t read my blog, but thank you anyway!

So, we didn’t see the exotic birds. There was a giant dome that had a mock-rain forest type of thing inside of it. We walked inside and not only was it ridiculously hot and humid, but we didn’t feel like paying to walk around in a circle and look at birds. So, instead we went to the liquor store after the park. No seriously, we did. However, our crazy Monday night isn’t very crazy when you are having room temperature coolers and your boyfriend falls asleep while cooking chicken wings. We are officially OLD. And the bottle on the Bacardi Breezers is closed after one glass. Whoaaa don’t want to get carried away!
Anyway, that was my exciting day! And I tried to explain my exciting workout on DailyMile:
Blogilates is a fitness website that offers tons of different workout videos as well as health, diet, and general fitness related tips. I was browsing through the website when I came across a squats challenge, an abs/legs workout to Lady Gaga & a “quickie” workout. These are the videos (below) I completed for my “workout”:

I’m dying to run tomorrow. I took a couple days off since my 3 miler because the side of my calf is still hurting a bit. I’m hoping nothing has been pulled or overused – I have another half marathon coming up! Sheesh, body, work with me here!
Anyway I’m off to have a little snack before bed. I suppose strawberry banana froyo (seriously so good) at 6pm wasn’t a substantial dinner.
Good night friends!

Ready to Run All the Miles & I’m Pumped!

Good news, folks! You know how yesterday I was talking about wanting to run another half marathon? Well, I finally registered for the race I have been thinking & dreaming of for the past four or so sleeps. I know, it seems like a lifetime, right? I am ready to run all the miles! Wahoo!
June 24th, Scotiabank Half Marathon! One thing about this race I’m looking forward to is the huge decline. I mean, that’s gotta be good for a speedy pace, right? Minus the hill climbs, so I guess that means I’ll actually have to run up some hills during training phase – which I am in again right now. I’d like to add a couple more speed workouts during the week as well.
To kick off my half marathon training, I started off with an easy 3 on the ol’ dreadmill. I mean, the treadmill. Only it wasn’t so dreadful this morning, because I have discovered the ABC Spark channel on TV where it shows reruns of My Wife & Kids and Boy Meets World early in the morning. I would get up at 4AM just to watch those oldies! Anyway, this is what the workout looked like this morning:
I added in my walk to/from work ahead of time seeing as I work 12-830 today & obviously haven’t walked there yet. I wanted to blog quickly before I get some snackage for the way there. The only thing with working right at noon is there is no time for lunch. Ah, eating patterns thrown off track. Oh well, such is life!

Yay! The sun is shining, I have a good dinner packed for my break, and more importantly, I have a half marathon next month. I’m pumped!
PS. I also switched over to a custom domain on the blog in case you didn’t notice 😉 – bye, bye,!