The Day I Didn’t Run & Chocolate is the Perfect Breakfast

No, I didn’t have a sexy beast this morning, but I DID have a pretty darn sexy & delicious bowl of chocolate PB banana protein oats. I had no intentions of having chocolate for breakfast last night, but this morning while I was waiting for my coffee to brew (it seems like it takes forever at 5AM), I remembered I had an almost-full container of chocolate protein powder in the cupboard. I mixed a tablespoon of the protein with just over a teaspoon of cocoa. In the end, I had a super yummy bowl of oats that kept me full until about 11:30, when I finally cracked and grabbed an apple (whoa, livin’ dangerously).

Delicious & Nutritious!
Okay. I didn’t run today. I had a shorter shift at work, and when I was home I fell asleep for a good three hours. I think my body needed a break, so a break I gave it! When I woke up my appetite was out of control. I whipped up a 2 egg omelet with red pepper, celery and tomato, then added cheese in the middle (oh, I had a lot of cheese. I’m surprised my stomach isn’t going crazy on me right now) and spread a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on top. It was amazing. Perhaps it was all the cheese 😉 I enjoyed a couple slices of whole wheat toast on the side (one was the little chunk of crust at the end. Brandon hates them; I feel bad for them & therefor devour them). PB & J on one, just J on the other. I failed to take a picture of that, clearly, but trust me on this one – yummy!
So, instead of running today I… I.. I STRENGTH TRAINED! Wow, who am I!? I know it’s important as a runner to keep strength training in my routine, but sometimes it’s so much easier to just.. Not. Anyway, I focused mostly on arms/chest/abs today, so here’s what my workout looked like:
I used lighter weights for the chest exercises mostly because I hadn’t done them in so long & I wanted to give myself a bit of a break before I go right into flyin’ around 15# weights (not that I even own them).
According to my mileage for this month, I am currently 24 miles away from 100 miles this month. My best month for mileage so far this year was January, clocking in at 94. The worst was February with a whopping 35 (however I did a long run of 11 miles that month). I want to keep a fairly even mileage as I become a stronger runner and learn more, so we will see what happens! Saturday is the deadline to get those 24 miles in. I CAN DO IT! 🙂
Does anyone have any goals they have recently accomplished? Let me know! BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF!

Wow, I Really Regret That Workout

I hate to say it, but today is my second day without running. Okay, that’s not actually as bad as I thought. For some reason I kept thinking it was Wednesday today. In that case, I’d have a meeting downtown tomorrow at one, then a group presentation in marketing later on in the evening. YIKES! Glad it’s only Wednesday. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow (after a couple cups of coffee) I’ll finally remember what day it is. However, by that time it will probably already be Thursday.
Anyway, I haven’t done a lot of exercising lately. Or rather, I have, but it hasn’t been intense by any means. Here is what I did today (in between nearly falling asleep several times on the couch. I am le tired).

I have a short shift at work tomorrow, so I am going to get outside and run my little heart out! It’s also the Lululemon Run Club tomorrow night & it is track night. I am a little scared. To go, or not to go. That is the question (kinda. I probably will).

I’ll be back with a longer post for your all tomorrow. Sorry for slackin’!

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Keeping Calm & Gettin’ Ghetto

 I stepped out of my car today when I got to the golf course for my run & realized I didn’t bring my music OR my beloved water bottle. Deep breath, deep breath, stay calm. Fortunately there was an area near their little cafe with water fountains, so I was able to quench my thirst. The great thing about running earlier this morning (I started about 10 minutes to 8) is that there weren’t tons of people on the trail. Don’t get me wrong – running with people is great! However, I didn’t want to have to dodge a billion people after only having one cup of coffee prior to my adventure. Anyway, everything went well & I was home by 9AM. Wooh! I even had time to shower before work (you’re welcome, world).
This is what my workout looked like today.
Note: Yesterday I just walked a mile & a half. I decided to sleep in a bit, but I got my core work in, too!

Tomorrow I have a 5AM wake up call for an early work shift at 7. I already have all my oatmeal ingredients ready to go in the pot (minus banana, almond milk, vanilla extract & PB) and coffee ready to be flicked on to brew. Otherwise, this might happen in my household:

And that just wouldn’t be nice of me since Brandon’s brother is staying with us. I don’t want to have to whip out the ghetto Holly… *snap*
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Fitness Friday, Frolicking in the Sun & Rugrats

 Wow, what a beauty of a day to be outside running! It was the perfect temperature today  (short sleeve weather!) with clear skies. How could I just stay inside all day? I ventured out around 1:30 to a local golf course to test out their running/walking loop.
I’m just going to complain about something here now: I encountered a group of about 8 people several times during my 6 mile journey. I am a polite runner – really, I am. If I notice people coming closer, I’ll say “Excuse me,” so they know I’m coming up behind me and then they can move out of the way. Or I’ll just run on the outside of the trail so they can have the walk way. However, these people just randomly stopped a bunch of times, all mindlessly shuffling about. I must’ve said “Excuse me, please!” a million times before I finally just pushed past them. One man just stood there as he watched me come closer, then finally stepped out of the way when we were shoulder to shoulder. I mean, there is a certain standard of running etiquette one should follow. However, if I have to share a gorgeous, sunny trail on a beautiful day with people who just randomly stop and talk and gawk at nothing in particular, you’d think they’d have to follow some kind of “I-like-to-walk-one-mile-an-hour-and-disregard-anyone-else-on-the-trail” etiquette too, right?
Okay, rant over. Anyway! I walked a mile & a half to cool down, stretched by my car, and went to the grocery store. That’s the logical thing to do when you are all sweaty and full of endorphins, right? This is what my Fitness Friday looked like today!

Note: The Ab Burner was pretty tough! It flew by though, which was nice, since I was getting hungry for dinner. My meal times were a little out of whack today, and so was my appetite. I had my bowl of oats, then instead of having “lunch” before my run, I snacked on a small homemade pumpkin muffin and some greek yogurt with almonds. This was great, and I wasn’t hungry until about 4 o’clock, after I was finished my run & home from the grocery store. I had an apple between there, came home and ate lunch (a bunch of roasted veggies & tofu topped with salsa), then baked some cookies (4 are in my stomach, happily digesting) and I had dinner (brown rice with 2 scrambled eggs, tomatoes/onion/green pepper & a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese). I guess it was healthy stuff, anyway! I find that I eat a little bit more on my days off, too. Must be all that time spent at home!

Story of my life.
Sometimes I amaze Brandon. “You’re eating again? Where do you put it?”
“Well my dear, I just ran 11 miles, so I probably left some of it behind on the treadmill and I need to refuel!” One thing I always keep in mind though is that I need to fuel for fitness. My stomach is not a garbage can, and I try to eat healthy 99% of the time. The four cookies count as the 1% today.
Oh, and I just had a piece of toast with peanut butter, jam & chia seeds sprinkled on top. Yay! Now my tummy is happy.
Have a great Friday night everyone! I’m watching Marley & Me, and it will soon be time for me to hit the hay. I have a meeting tomorrow followed by a 2-8 work shift. See you tomorrow!