5 Miles & A Bowl of Oats

Hello friends!
I am just going to put this out there. I am a huge breakfast fan! In fact, I love breakfast so much, I eat the same thing every morning, and I like breakfast for dinner, too. Generally my breakfast consists of oatmeal and some kind of fresh fruit (unless we are going out for breakfast, where I will always order fruit as well). What do I put in my oatmeal to keep me more full? It goes like so:
– 1/2 cup (or 1/3 cup, depending if I’m raging hungry!) oats. I buy the Rogers brand with flax seeds.
– 2 tbsp. raisins (or not!)
– 1 tbsp. chia seeds
– 1 (or 2) tbsp. sunflower seeds (or pumpkin seeds, raw)
– Vanilla extract & pumpkin spice for some flava!
99% of the time I will add banana while the oatmeal is cooking. However, if I have no bananas on hand I will often cook in frozen mixed berries, pear, or apple chunks. I like starting my day on a healthy note!
I also cook my oats in water to begin with, then add almond milk to thicken it up & make it creamier. Then, top with a scoop of natural PB and voila! Breakfast is served.
Moving along to a little pre-breakfast today…

I tried an energy gel for the first time during my run today. It wasn’t a long run, but since I was running on an empty stomach and recently purchased some gels for the upcoming half, I wanted to test one out. The verdict: SO GOOD! This literally tasted like vanilla pudding. It is basically 100 calories of sugar with some sodium and carbs thrown in the mix. I actually felt myself feel a bit more alert after I finished the pack (surprisingly there was more than I thought in there!). I would definitely buy it again! Oh, and test out the chocolate one I bought as well… 🙂

My goal is to do core exercises every day for the month of March, even if it’s something as simple as a 1 minute plank or only 25 crunches. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so let’s see how this goes! Four more days and I’ll be doing it every day until I am too old to get off the floor. Ha!
I am off to the island tomorrow morning! I’m hoping to squeeze in a 5 miler before we catch the ferry. This week I’m liking 5 miles, and last week it was 6. Does anyone else go through trends in their training?

Let’s Chat: Goals & Motivation

Getting the motivation to do anything in life can be hard, let alone getting out the door to a fitness class or to go running – ESPECIALLY if it’s early in the morning. However, there’s always something that motivates you. Why do you go to work? For most people it’s for the money, but for others it’s simply because of the social interaction and environment that gets them through their shift. BELIEVING in yourself has a lot to do with motivation as well, I think. A negative attitude makes everything harder, especially becoming motivated. No matter what your reason is for not getting out there and really doing what you want to do, there is always someone who is pushing those “I can’t” thoughts aside, getting excited about the task, and just doing it!

For me, setting goals is a huge part of staying motivated. I started off my running “career” in small steps. I would build up to 30 minutes of running (my goal), and then set another goal after that: Run a 5k. Once I completed a 5K, I made a goal of completing a 10K, and now I have a half marathon on the horizon. Whether your goals are workout/nutrition related or not, it is a great feeling to have something to work for. Sure, I could TRY to run the half marathon all in one shot without training for it, but I want to be as prepared mentally & physically as I can be before that time comes. Plus, I am having a LOT of fun with my training!
Some Examples of Goals YOU Could be Setting… Right NOW!
– Try to have 8 glasses of water a day this week.
– Add veggies/fruit to every meal this week.
– Exercise at least 3 x this week (or X amount of time every day)
I put my goals on a list on the fridge, that way I see them every day when I am fueling up for the day. I also use DailyMile, my calendar and fun coloured Post-It notes to track my mileage/workouts/general things that need to be done. It feels good being able to check things off your goal list, and crumpling up a Post-It note that says: Reminder, 10 miles today! Is so satisfying!

Most importantly, you have control over how you react to things, including your goals and how you stay motivated to accomplish them. Sure, you may not be able to control something that happens at work/home some days, but you CAN control how you react to the situation. My mom always says, “You control how your day is going to go.” Sometimes you just need to look at things in a new light. Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn things around.


Hi everyone, and welcome to my fitness blog! I blog over at HLDFashion, and I wanted to create an extension for my love of health & fitness. Here is my story: I haven’t always loved exercising and eating right. In fact, it was a huge struggle for me up until about grade 11. Every girl battles with body image and dieting, and I am no exception! However, one day I was tired of sitting around doing nothing, or snacking because I was bored. I started to research more about fitness and the benefits of getting my body moving. Then, I worked on what I ate. It wasn’t a 360 degree turn around – no, it was harder than that. I worked my butt off to lose the weight I had gained over the years. Sure, it didn’t take me ten years to lose it, but you have to put the work in if you want results! Now, I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I wanted to share my journey with all of you.
Some Things to Know About ME!
I love running. I am training for my first 1/2 Marathon on May 6th!
I also love candy. It is more of a treat for me, and fruit gummies are my favourite. Too bad they didn’t have all the vitamin/nutrient goodness like real fruits!
– I am a fashion marketing/merchandising student at VCC in Vancouver.
– I am a huge veggie fiend!
Now let’s get into the “good stuff.”
Work Out of the Day:
It’s crazy how much the treadmill (or the dreadmill, as some people call it) slows you down. I’ve read a lot of things about treadmill running vs. the great outdoors. Truthfully, I don’t mind the treadmill at all. However, I do notice that I am a lot faster outside! Last night I joined the Lululemon Run Club for a 3 mile jaunt, and my average pace was 7:06/mile. Yep, just a little faster than a 3 miler on the treadmill!
Following my run, I showered and got lunch ready:

I had a veggie burger on a toasted whole wheat english muffin (with a light laughing cow wedge spread on both sides & spinach), some roasted veggies (carrots, zucchini, kale, and red pepper) and strawberries. It was delicious & filling!
Now I’m off to get ready for the day. I have some errands to run (not literally. My quads might need more foam rolling) before school tonight at 6:30. Happy Thursday!